Dosage Of Omega 3

I used to wonder what the right dosage of omega 3 is. With so many variants of this kind of food supplement in the market, somehow it is kind of confusing because most brands have 300 mg Omega 3 content per capsule while others could have over 600 mg. When you do not know the necessary amount that your body needs, you might end up either under dosage or over dosage.

The dosage of omega 3 per individual varies. Some take this supplement to boost their immune system while most drink it for treatment or therapy. As we all know, omega 3 is one of the essential fatty acids that our body needs basically for nutrition purposes. But as mentioned earlier, it is also very much beneficial most especially when it concerns good health.

There are several things that Omega 3 acid can do in our health. One, it helps stabilize high blood pressure and lessens the risk of coronary heart disease. Second, it helps prevent our circulatory system from blood clots. Third, it eases out rheumatoid arthritis. Fourth, it can prevent tumor to grow in any parts of the body like colon, breasts, prostate that may possibly develop to cancer. Fifth, it can lessen the risk of heart attack. The list can continue about some deadly diseases or health problems that can be treated by omega 3. In fact, this fatty acid has been also proven to cure depression.

There are different required dosages that doctors prescribe in their patients who have specific health concerns. Basically, a healthy man like you needs only 500 mg a day. But it is obviously impossible to get it all from one capsule unless you are taking a pharmaceutical grade omega 3. However, even a pharmaceutical grade omega 3 seldom contain more that a 1000 mg of the said fatty acid. Normally, fish oil capsules contain only a 180 mg of EPA and 120 mg of DHA, which gives you a total amount of 300 mg of omega 3 only. Thus, healthy individuals take 2 capsules of fish oil every day to meet the 500 mg dietary needs of the body.

By the way, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are the most common omega 3 acids that are found in many food supplements like fish oil. These two essential polyunsaturated fats are normally combined in a capsule to provide a bigger amount of omega 3 that will meet the needs of your body.

Moving on, and as I have said earlier, different health problems have different dosage. These recommendations are given by physicians, however I also suggest that you speak first with your doctor before you proceed drinking whatever brands of omega 3. For example, to guard yourself from possible heart attack, you need to drink at least a 1000 mg per day. Of course there are some serious diseases that require a maximum dose of 4000 mg/ dL, but these individuals need to be under the supervision of their respective physicians. This is how the dosage of omega 3 varies.

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