ADHD Omega 3 Dosage

You certainly must know the ADHD Omega 3 dosage you are going to give your child with this behavioral problem. ADHD cases are increasing, but the cause remains a mystery. Scientists and health experts are baffled and could not come to a definite conclusion as to the actual cause and treatment. Many doctors use behavior therapy with medications to treat this disorder in children, but as a parent you may not be very comfortable with the idea of giving your child stimulants or depressants because you know that they often come with side effects.

ADHD Omega 3 DosageThen you came across articles about how Omega 3 has been found to offer hope to ADHD sufferers, and couldn’t help but wonder if giving your child the right ADHD Omega 3 dosage could really make a lot of difference. Omega 3 fatty acids are essential fatty acids the brain needs to function normally.

The brain holds very important functions. It’s located on top of everything else as it controls pretty much of everything, including human behavior. And because the brain, as you know, is made up mostly of fats, feeding it with Omega 3 fatty acids is wise, indeed. Experts recommend 1 mg of EPA and DHA a day. Of course, the dosage may be increased or decreased depending on other factors like age, weight, degree of severity of the condition, and the like.

With sufficient omega 3 fatty acids in the brain, experts believe that symptoms of ADHD may be reduced to a certain degree. Children with ADHD manifest hyperactivity, reduced focus, short attention span, inability to sit still, and so on. Essentially, you would think of them as a walking disaster. They’re difficult to deal with and they require very special attention. With Omega 3, however, things wouldn’t have to be as difficult.

The problem is that how to get your child to have a daily dose of Omega 3. Food sources of Omega 3 like fish and nuts may not sound appealing to your child. Kids, with ADHD or not, aren’t very fond of these foods at all, especially when there are French fries, fried chicken, hamburger or pizza on the table. So, here are some ideas; if you want your child to eat fish and vegetables, consider making a tuna salad sandwich, but use olive oil as dressing or low-fat mayo. Then mix in some chopped nuts (unsalted would be best). To get your child to eat vegetables, consider juicing the vegetables. Cucumber makes a great-tasting juice, especially if you mix it with lemon. Lemon has antioxidant properties besides it being an immune-booster.

Then of course, since you cannot be entirely sure how much Omega 3 fatty acids are contained in every service of the food you give your child, talk to your doctor about giving your child Omega 3 supplements. They often come in gel form, but there are supplements formulated for kids especially, and most of these you would find in liquid or easy to swallow formulation.

Know how much ADHD Omega 3 dosage to give your child; it could make a lot of difference in the treatment program of your precious one with ADHD.

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