Omega 3 Fish Oil Dosage For Dogs

What is omega 3 fish oil dosage for dogs? This might be a startling thing to learn about dogs being given with Omega 3 fish oil. But what you read is right. Fish oil that is being loaded with omega 3 is not only popular for human consumptions. In fact it is not only dogs but even cats too.

Vets give these animals these fatty acids to help them recover from allergies. But omega 3 is not only limited in treating cats and dogs with hypersensitivity reaction to a specific allergen. This food supplement for people can also treat dogs and other animals with varied health conditions. Dogs with kidney problems and even arthritis are given with a desirable dosage of omega-3 fatty acids. Pets that are having high cholesterol are all the more being given with this supplementation to lower their LDL. Since fish oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, it is good also in treating dogs with dermatitis because it helps alleviate itchiness.

So is there an ideal an omega 3 fish oil dosage for dogs? Before I will answer that, let us first talk about the kind of fish oil that you will give to your pet. For your canine, give him or her a fish oil that is molecularly purified or refined. Pure omega 3 can be easily digested and absorbed, thus your dog will be able to maximize the substance inside his or her body.

Like us, dog’s dosage of omega 3 is carefully measured otherwise they will also suffer adverse effects when overdose. Dogs have their own brackets in administering the omega 3 based on their weight. Small dogs like Chihuahua, bichon fries, Papillon, Pomeranian, Shih tzu, and other kinds of lap dogs, are only given 250 mg twice a week. Breeds that are over 154 kilos are adequately given 800 mg of omega 3 twice a week too. However, pets that are acutely suffering from severe allergy are given 1200 mg thrice a week for huge breed of dogs. For smaller breeds, their dosage is only doubled. A 500 mg of omega 3 is also administered to lap dogs three times a week.

But the problem now is how do you give it to your dog? Of course it is not practical to go to your vet every time you need to give your dog his omega 3 supplement. You also can not just pop the capsule in their mouth and expect them to swallow it. The best way to give it to them is by mixing it in their food. Be creative. It is guaranteed that you will not be wasting the omega 3 fish oil dosage for dogs if you will mix it with their favorite food.

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