Omega 3 Fish Oil Dosage

Is the omega 3 fish oil dosage reliable? I mean, can you trust it? At first, I certainly wonder too why there are varying dosage that have been prescribed to people. This article is not written to create doubts that will lead you to suspicion. Let me clear this first that there is no reason for you to question the usefulness and effectiveness of Omega 3. This polyunsaturated fatty acid is certainly essential in our body.

However, there is no denying that there are varying omega 3 fish oil dosage among adults, children, and those with specific health concerns that need the Omega 3 as supplementation. That is the objective of this write up, to distinguish the different recommended dosage based on the groups of consumers.

But before I give the prescribed amount, let me state again the health benefits that one gets from taking Omega 3. First and foremost, anyone can benefit this fatty acid because it is essential in maintaining our body healthy and functional. It is because the substance is vital in developing new cells. Another health advantage that you can get from taking this type of supplement is that it protects your heart from acquiring diseases like aneurysm, coronary heart diseases, and some others. It also reduces the production of bad cholesterols, thus prevent you from having hypertension and other related health problems.

In addition to those major ailments, there are other advantages that one can enjoy from drinking omega 3 daily. Those irritating minor health concerns can be handled by unsaturated fatty acid. It prevents you from having colds, migraine, flu, headache, and any type of inflammation. It can also avert from acquiring scar, osteoporosis, and controls your allergy. This can also improve one’s fertility and heart rate. Patients suffering from depression can also take this supplement because it alleviates the mood of the person. Children diagnosed with ADHD or ADD are also given with this supplement.

So where can you get Omega 3? Surely, our human body does not produce this substance unlike other hormones that are present in our system. Well, the most common source or food supplement of Omega 3 is the fish oil. But do you know that even from the foods that you eat, you can also get this fatty acid? Vegetables like cauliflower, mustard, cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, squash, tofu, spinach, soybeans, are loaded with Omega 3. Oregano, basil, cloves and some other spices also contain the said fatty acid. Of course, the most famous fish meats like salmon, yellow fin tuna, sardines, and some others have DHA and EPA of polyunsaturated fatty acid.

But if you can not regularly eat those food groups, then your best option is the food supplement. You can conveniently buy from health shops and leading drug store. However, different brands of Omega 3 also have different contents of DHA and EPA. These are the two common substances that you will see in the nutritional value of Omega 3 supplements. It is very seldom that you will see the ALA. The standard daily dosage of Omega 3 is 1000 mg/ dL. You can add up the DHA and EPA content. Normally, people can pop in 3 capsules of this supplement everyday to get 1000 mg. For children, you give kids under 3 years old 0.7 gram, 0.9 grams for kids ages 4- 8 years old, and 1.2 grams for children under 9-13 years old. For those with health conditions, you need to see your doctor for the proper omega 3 fish oil dosage to avoid adverse effects.

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