Recommended Dosage Of Omega 3

What is the recommended dosage of omega 3? Why is it important that you take the right dosage? If you drink under the dosage prescribed by the physician, then there is no use of taking the supplement because you will not be able to give the needed amount in your body. Obviously, there is a certain amount that your body needs. Drinking less will just put the fatty acids to waste because it will not make a difference in the body.

On the other hand, if you also drink more than the recommended dosage of omega 3, then there is the bigger possibility that you will encounter adverse effects. Yes. Don’t be surprised to read that part. Omega 3 is essential in the body. It has numerous benefits. But having too much of it in your system will reap bad results.

Let me go on with the rudimentary truths about Omega 3. We are fully aware that this is the essential fatty acids that are vital in the developing the membranes of the cell. Aside from producing new healthy cells, the Omega 3 helps regulates cholesterols in the bloodstream specifically the low density lipoproteins. Since the body does not manufacture the essential fatty acids, this has to be taken from other sources. You can get these unsaturated fats mainly from fish oil, fish meat, mussels, krill, and the most famous salmon. There are also plant sources like chia seed, flax, cowberry, camelina, black raspberry, hemp seeds, and some nuts like the walnuts.

What makes the Omega 3 popular is that it has the capacity to maintain a healthy heart by flushing away the toxins in the blood stream. And as mentioned earlier, it has the ability to normalize the levels of bad cholesterols in the circulatory system, which by the way is the cause of obstructed blood flow. Now, we all know that a shut off passage is the cause of high blood pressure along with other ailments. But with the help of Omega 3 these health issues are being resolved. All you need to do is that drink at least a 1250 mg/ dl of this polyunsaturated fatty acid every day. However, if you do not have any ailments, and your reason for taking this food supplement is only to boost your immune system, then a regular dose of 1000 mg/ dL a day is good already. Going beyond that is not beneficial anymore. Again, as mentioned earlier, an excessive amount of it will cause hemorrhagic stroke. That is the reason why it is crucial to follow the recommended dosage of omega 3.

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