What is the Omega 3 Dosage For Depression?

How do you know that you have taken the right omega 3 dosage for depression? Depression is a health concern that needs to be taken in earnest. It is not an ordinary mood swing. It is a serious health condition that affects not just the person but even the people around him. It is considered as a disorder that affects the individual’s feelings, behavior, thinking, and as well as the physical health.

People diagnosed with depression show negative disposition including the feelings of nervousness, agitation, desperation, guilt, purposelessness, and worthlessness. Depressed people are also irritable and experience cognitive disability. Depression may lead to excessive weight loss, which is  unhealthy because it is beyond normal. They also have a hard time sleeping, and their sleeping patterns are very erratic. Other symptoms of depressions are loss of energy, digestive ulcer, fatigue, and other body pains. They have the tendency to commit suicide. This is the reason why depressive disorder is life-threatening when not treated.

Speaking of treatment, physicians give medications to patients who are suffering from clinical depression. The problem with some of these medications is that it is addictive because they are most likely made from synthetic antidepressant substances. The synthetic substances may cause adverse effect in the body. However experts found out that omega 3 from fish oil has a positive effect in people with depression.

According to the research conducted, the omega 3 has the ability to trim down the Arachidonic acid that is present in the body. As you may know, this Arachidonic acid is one of the polyunsaturated fatty acids, which is specifically known as Omega 6. This specific acid is important in the system like the Omega 3, but having too much of Omega 6 will block other essential substances to the brain. It can also be toxic like the Omega 3.

It is important that you follow the recommended omega 3 dosage for depression because as mentioned earlier that having too much of this fatty acid will harm your body instead. People are always advised to be cautious with what they eat or drink for the reason that anything that is in excess of what our body needs is not healthy for us. Whenever you drink omega 3 food supplement, you need to be conscious also with any medication. It might create other health problems or aggravate some condition that might lead to bleeding disorder or anything similar to that aforesaid ailment.

The recommended dosage for depressed people is 1250 mg/ dL daily. If you are going to check the nutritional value of fish oil for example, their EPA and DHA contents vary. Some products have the standard 1050 mg of EPA, while the DHA only contains 200 mg/ dL. Do not look at it in a bad light, in fact there is no problem with the varying content value of DHA and EPA, as long as you follow the recommended amount to be taken every day. However, what is important is that the prescribed omega 3 dosage for depression is only 1250 mg/ dL.

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