Experts Believe Fish Oil Supplements Important For Rehabilitation From Drug Addiction

Eating a diet loaded with vitamins and nutrients has always been key, but now research shows that there is possibly a relationship between drug dependency and dietary inadequacies. Carolyn Reuben, a nutrition authority (and the executive director of the Community Addiction Recovery Association in Sacramento, CA) states that our bodies can respond to certain nutritional inadequacies in a way that may in the end contribute to mental health disturbances and/or substance addiction.

She and other nutritionists view lack of omega-3 as one of the problems. Based on a person\’s preferred drug or major ailments, Reuben states investigators can identify which amino acids, vitamins and nutrients are deficient.

Individuals suffering from substance usually do not consume a healthful diet. Furthermore, substances use up essential nutrients from the substance abuser\’s body, so replacing and sustaining them are an important part of recovery. Furthermore, drugs drain vitamins and nutrients from the user\’s body, therefore replenishing and maintaining these vitamins and nutrients are an a crucial part of rehabilitation.

Reuben claims, paraphrased, that there exists an an important relationship between our demeanor and our sustenance, a direct connection between our diet and good mood. If somebody starts taking alcohol or engaging in substance abuse and their response is, \”I don\’t feel high, I feel natural,\” that\’s the key that says they came into life with a bio-chemical abnormality. They are insufficient in something and we can correct that with our diet, sometimes with amino acids, fish oil, vitamin C or B. The benefits of fish oil seem to be extremely important.

This approach is based on clinical analysis by Professor Stephen Schoenthaler, PhD, who discovered a link between too much sugar consumption, lessened vitamin consumption and aggression, in 1985. He learned that prison inmates who were administered day-to-day nutritional supplements had up to a 43% reduction in violence, which led researchers to start researching the connection between nutrition and addiction. More recent clinical analysis have also discovered that supplying prisoners omega-3 supplements also decreases aggression.

The CARA program proposes that individuals (in cooperation with their doctor) commence a regimen of taking 3 meals each day, each having at least 20 g of protein, at least 4 cups of vegetables, 2 grams of vitamin C, a multivitamin, 1-3 grams of omega-3, 500 mg of L-glutamine, and 2-3 mcg of chromium. It also advises avoiding white sugar and flour, which might exhaust the body of vitamin B. It also encourages avoiding processed sugar and flour, which could exhaust the body of vitamin B. Although many factors are responsible for substance and alcohol abuse, consuming a diet rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fish oil pills is emphatically an essential part of the successful way to recovery and a substance-free life!

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