Here Are Some of The Best Omega 3-Rich Foods

Omega 3 fatty acids are said to be essential fatty acids, but, our body wants does not produce on its own – meaning to say, to meet our required dietary allowance, we must be consuming foods that contain omega 3 fatty acids.

Why is this vital? Omega 3 fatty acids have been discovered out to lessen risk of coronary heart diseases, are crucial in brain function and help in growth and development of our body. There are even studies exhibiting omega 3, also called polyunsaturated fatty acids, lowering risks of illnesses such as arthritis and some cancers (including breast, colon, and prostate cancer).

How do we get omega 3 fatty acids? These are found fish oil, particularly those from salmon, herring, anchovies, sardines and tuna. Other seafood such as algae and krill are also said to contain omega 3. It\’s advisable that we eat these types of food at minimum two to three times a week to reach our required omega 3 fatty acids requirements.

To make sure we get enough omega 3 fatty acids in our diet, make a habit of such as fish in your menu. Some suggested dishes include burgers or sandwiches compriseing flaxseed and tuna. Salads with salmon and walnuts (which are very good resources of omega 3) are extremely advised. It\’s imnportant to recall, though,that omega 3 is located in oil so avoid cooking food in oil. Frying can also cause injury to the omega 3 and deprive you from its health benefits. prepare food by means of steaming, cooking, broiling and other alternative cooking methods, instead.

Speaking of oil, using olive oil (which includes a good amount of omega 3, too) on your salads and other dishes can be a good way to load up on the essentail fatty acids. cooked scallops and steamed shrimps are great omega 3-rich dishes. You can also get your dose of omega 3 from squash, tofu and kidney beans. There are plenty of other dishes that are great resources of omega-3 so be creative and enjoy the benefits of these essential fatty acids.

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