What it Means to Be Bipolar – Manic Depression Explained

For those that bear the label of bipolar, manic depression is a fact of existence. The two terms “bipolar disorder” and “manic depression” can be used virtually indistinguishably. Both refer to the same condition – one in which the victim experiences wildly acute concern on each side of the emotional spectrum.

Depression for the Bipolar

Manic Depression involves as noted, two extremes. One is depression. During some times of life for the bipolar, manic depression will involve a period of extreme sadness and hopelessness. The depressive side of the illness brings with it the whole unlucky symptom logy connected with clinical depression. Some may lose their interest in formerly enjoyed activities and others might find themselves in a face of augmenting twitchy, twitchy or perturbed. Disruptions are sleeping, and food habits are common. This and plenty of other potential symptoms mixed with a truly surpassing sense of unhappiness is amongst the “poles” for the bipolar. Manic bipolar depression takes its sufferers to low levels of despair.

Mania for the Bipolar

Manic depression has a flip side, and that is ecstasy, or mania. During these times, the victim may experience an inexpressible sense of well-being and happiness. Joy will outshine the individual and a feeling of near-omnipotence and confidence in everything will happen. As nice as that may sound in the abstract, it is a horrible situation for disease sufferers. The excitement pulls them to emotional heights that are no longer in touch with the fact. Bipolar people have a tendency to do weird assumptions and to act with a feeling of impunity. They are missing perspective and can become so prompted into their perfect manic fantasy that they lose all touch with reality.

Living alongside Bipolarity

Those suffering from manic depression can find maintaining a regular life to be extremely difficult. The severe depressive times of their lives make them disproportionately, and likely to commit suicide and the poor decision making present during periods of exaltation can cause countless eventual challenges.

Bipolar defects have existed for centuries. Over that time, treatment techniques for the disease have improved considerably. Not only have we long dispensed with the peculiar concepts of the middle Ages, when manic depression was an indication of demonic possession, we have also mostly given up on other useless treatments. Modern medical experts are essentially relying on an assortment of fairly effective pharmaceutical products, therapy and occasional use of ECT treatments to control manic depression.

The results of treatment are not uniform. All evidence tells us nevertheless, that those with the disease, who avail themselves to professional treatment, will better be prepared to function with the disease and to control its symptom logy.

Thousands may be able to enjoy their lives within standard, reasonable emotional boundaries thanks to quality treatment alternatives for the bipolar.

Manic depression is an extremely serious problem, but its severe symptoms can be lessened.

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