Conquer Depression By Altering Your Thinking

Each time a computer has a bug within it, it has to first be debugged before it can be used properly. Your thoughts behave in a very similar way. Your mind is like a computer that’s directly in front of you. The problem is that many of us do not understand how to use it. Nevertheless the universe operates on the basis of a very easy law. As you think – so shall you be. Therefore, if you are thinking incorrectly, all that is wrong is that you have a bug stuck in your thoughts. This bug is negative but don’t worry, it’s usually removed and will be. Consider this bug will have to be removed if you’d like to triumph over depressive disorders, period.

The only method to get rid of that negative bug – (you recognize the one that’s always talking detrimentally to you) is to condition your mind. In one way , you have to brainwash your mind to how you want it to behave. This is the same in principle as a computer. You program the computer so it works the way you want it to work. Its the same with your mind. Basically, we need to condition your mind so that by the end of this approach, you will find yourself 100% clear that you manage your mind and not the opposite.

There is certainly only one strategy to condition your mind which by re-training it. The very first thing you need to do which can help you overcome depression is repeat the words daily that “I Like Myself”. Most people that suffer from depression dislike who they are. Repeat these words in front of the mirror and they’ll have an more substantial impact. You need to forgive yourself and others for all the stupid things you did prior to now. “I Like Myself” is such a pure command that will go straight away to your subconscious mind. When you have a positive self image – then you are so close to defeating depression.

Your head can only hold one thought during a period – positive or negative. As you are reprogramming your thoughts, all that you are performing is creating new habits – new strategies of thinking. It may be difficult to start with according to your level of depression as your new commands hit old negative beliefs. You must repeat them constantly until the new commands eventually become new positive empowering beliefs. This can be done!

A fantastic second paraphrase you can actually give your sub-conscious mind is “I am responsible”. When you feel like dipping back into negative thinking, when you feel sad, when you feel furious or upset, repeat this paraphrase with certainty. Whether a negative thought revisits you, whether you remember a past event, you are always responsible for how you respond. You happen to be responsible for keeping yourself away from dangerous states. Continue doing this relentlessly until it becomes a new habit in your daily life, my good friend.

Last but not least my last paraphrase is “Only good lies before me”. This means that you expect positive things to take place in your own life. Again once you’ve cemented this as a new belief , you certainly will expect with faith positive things to come your way. Even when you meet a stumbling block be it physical or mental, you knows its simply a glitch as “Only good lies before me”.

I’m not saying this is uncomplicated and if the way I have outlined it in this article offends you, then, I am sorry. Having Said That I do know that if you reprogram your mind, create new empowering beliefs, nothing can hold you back. This approach might take you months or years depending on how persistent you’re in adopting them. You are going to destroy depression symptoms my mate when you take control of your thoughts and this process makes you manage your thoughts

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