Find Out More About Bible Verses Anxiety

There is several bible verses anxiety. This refers to those biblical segments that address worry. Furthermore, several biblical instructions explain how such situations can be overcome.

Anxiety means a feeling or sensation that all things are quite unsettled. It can present itself in form of worry concerning a looming incident or circumstances. You can also be worried or get greatly concerned and so become fearful. This emotion, whatever it is, rests in your mind then later begins to control you and your life when it remains unchecked. Nobody would like to remain in such state. However, one can very easily to fall in it.

According to scriptures, this state of worry is a product of diverse reasons and causes. For instance, Revelation that is the last book found in the bible explains the last Day of Judgment and coming of Jesus. That causes restlessness because nobody is sure about the fate of human soul.

Matthew 6:31-34 gives another source of worry. It is evident here that inability to know what to eat and drink the following day can be disturbing. Moreover, one can also be worried of what to wear and where to stay.

In Luke 22:22-23, Christ informs His followers that they are not to be worried of anything. He gives the example of scoffs that never harvest or sow anything. Moreover, they do not have storehouses but still God provides them with everything they need. Lastly, He questions them if a person can prolong his lifespan by even an hour by being anxious. This implies that you should not be worried of anything. In stead, they should always hope in God their provider.

Prophet Isaiah was afraid when he was sent to proclaim good news to the people. He became so anxious. As a result, God, in Isaiah 41:10 encouraged him not to worry about anything. This was because God promised to be always with him. Therefore, delivery from this state of anxiety is not achievable by the power of man but by the power from above.

In Deuteronomy 31:6, Almighty Father told His people to remain strong and courageous. He did this because they had enemies around them. So, they became worried about their security. For that reason, Jehovah promised to be always with them and always lead them. This is because He wanted to deliver them from anxiety and make them comfortable.

Gospel of John 14:1 also provides more details about fretfulness. Here, the followers of Jesus were worried because He was going to leave them soon. Jesus then encouraged them to have their hearts relaxed and be in peace because he would prepare a residence for them in paradise. Furthermore, he promised them that there were many rooms to accommodate all of them in heaven.

Philippians 4:6-7 asks all Christians not to worry about anything. In stead, they should constantly offer all their needs to God through thanksgiving and prayers and supplication. This contributes to the peace of God existing within the hearts and minds of all faithful Christians. Finally, the bible verses anxiety offers solutions to every type of fear.

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