Helpful Tips On How To Address Problems Getting Pregnant

Most females always dream of having a family-it is in their genetic make-up. Little girls play with their dollies, caring for it as if it were their own child. Imagine how heartbreaking it is for these women if they are unable to bear children. Infertility is a serious issue many couples are trying to overcome and there are some things you can do to increase your chances at having a baby.

1. Sometimes people have problems getting pregnant because they are so intent about conceiving that lovemaking has become a chore. You need to make it as fun as possible because when you do, you do it more and the more opportunities you create for the sperm to successfully become implanted in the egg. Stay in a reclined position at least 5 minutes after intercourse to increase the odds of the sperm to reach the waiting egg better.

2. Cut back on caffeinated drinks like soda and coffee as much as possible. Caffeine contracts the blood vessels, which lowers the blood flow to the woman’s uterus. This causes fertility setbacks you may want to avoid. Also keep away from alcohol and cigarettes if you think there is the slightest possibility that you might be pregnant. Embryo development is at its most critical during the earlier phases-when the woman doesn’t even realize that she is pregnant.

3. Your lifestyle is an integral factor in determining your chances of conception. Do not go on diets or any drastic change in your daily activities. Extreme exercise and diets alter your body’s ovulation and fertility, making it difficult to effectively plan the best way to deal with infertility. With regard to your partner, steer him away from the bicycle if it is his cardio of choice. Too much bicycling can damage important nerves and arteries essential in baby making.

4. Your mission to have a baby will be better helped if you are in good health yourself. Suffice it to say, drugs and medication must be avoided during this sensitive period. If you are sick and in need of medical treatment of some sort, verify with your physician as to what you can take for it. Look for a prenatal vitamin to encourage optimal pregnancy. Take at least 400 micrograms of folic acid daily for you and your baby’s well-being.

5. Perhaps one of the most serious problems getting pregnant some people have is because of sexually transmitted diseases. Chlamydia and gonorrhea often lead to pelvic inflammatory disease; and this causes irreparable scarring to the fallopian tubes as well as the uterus. This does not only renders the individual incapable of bearing children-it also becomes the source of chronic pelvic pain.

6. Fertility period is at its highest during the early to mid twenties. If you want to have a family, it is best to start as early as you are possibly ready. A forty year old woman only has about 5% chance of getting pregnant. Even men’s sperm count and quality declines as he reaches a certain age. Make the most out of your years by planning ahead and starting early.

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