Potential For Down Syndrome Treatment?

As everyone knows, “our kids” with Down syndrome possess an extra copy of chromosome 21. The lab has been doing intriguing work with mice that possess an extra copy of chromosome 16, which is then similar to 55% of genes of human chromosome 21.

The researchers injected these currently pregnant mice with NAP and SAL – referred to as such after initial three amino acids, which make up their chemical sequence. NAP & SAL – tiny peptides, which are very little protein sub units of the 2 proteins. The important thing to remember is that both these proteins, ( NAP and SAL) boost receiving and transmitting signals inside the brain cells, and they enable them to live on. Improved Learning Ability With Down Syndrome So, right here is the kicker, the mice with Down syndrome inside the womb, treated with both these proteins showcased very much the same learning ability as the “typical” mice, and much increased ability” to learn when compared to the mice treated with placebo.

“Our investigation provides needed details that will help with the knowing of Down syndrome,” Catherine Y. Spong, M.D., senior researcher of the unit on perinatal and developmental neurobiology at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), the NIH institute had been quoted saying.

The pregnant mice had been given the treatments soon after 8 days of conceiving, which about equals the conclusion of 1st trimester of human pregnancy. The mice born were being studied for their learning ability when reaching their adulthood. You can go to NICHD web page for additional info on this study.

My Learning Ability Taken To New Heights? This study proves not just a opportunity for progress in “Our own Children’s” learning ability, but additionally it shows a prospect for greater capabilities to learn in so called “regular” mice. In other words Down syndrome treatment is possible. And, here is, when I begin to feel concerned to be truthful , just because at that point the “treatment” comes to an end and the “pursuit” for super man begins. So, I believe we must keep a positive, and careful eye in regard to any type of new developments in this area.

I need to take our discussion further and tell you my concerns. The Thing I am concern about is the fact that “Big Pharma” (pharmaceutical industry) is going to take over or will certainly finance their own projects skewed toward manufacturing “New and Improved” learning supplements. As, we know the “big Pharma” is just focused on the profit margins and have suppressed previously products helpful to our health that were without a chance for generating income. Do you really think my worries are unwarranted?

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Lets change hearts & minds towards kids with Down syndrome, see how great they are. We help raise money for international adoptions to rescue them from mental institutions, where they are placed at age 4, where they perish!

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