Though Grief Counseling NJ Community Can Deal With Tragedy

After a tragedy occurs or a loved one dies, it can leave families devastated or even traumatized. When things like this occur, there is grief counseling NJ families can turn to for help. With professional help they are able to cope with this tragedy. If you have a friend or loved one who has experienced a terrible tragedy then these are some ways in which you can help them cope with their situation while they begin to grieve.

A person who is grieving will be dealing with a lot of different emotions at once. One minute they may be happy, the next they may be angry, sad, furious, or even hysterical. The best thing that you can do for them at that time is to simply hear them out. Let them talk while you simply just listen to what they say.

Allow the person who is grieving to feel that they have all of your attention. One of the things they will pick up on is your body language. It will tell them whether you are truly listening to them or feeling uncomfortable. That is why you want to lean in and simply focus. Allow them to talk while you refrain from hugging them or touching them. You should also make eye contact from time to time.

You want to avoid any body movement which can seem as though you are not paying attention, or that you feel uncomfortable with what they are saying. This can make the person shut down emotionally if they feel you are becoming uncomfortable with what their thoughts. Fidgeting or a lot of movement of leg can feel as though you are uncomfortable. Constantly looking at your watch will also feel as though you are anxious to leave.

Although you may be tempted to, refrain from trying to interpret what they are feeling. Do not try to give your opinion about what they are feeling or the reason behind it. Since they are just beginning to sort through these feelings, this interpretation you give could be wrong. The best thing to do is to simply listen to them without interpreting.

The last thing a person who is grieving needs is to hear someone say things like it is okay, or saying you understand what you are going through. Comments like these are very common to say when a person is going through a tough time, however they do not help. In fact it does upset some people when they hear that.

Unless you have gone through a similar tragedy it would be difficult for you to actually know what they are going through. Even if you have previously gone through a similar tragedy, it is important to keep in mind that everyone reacts to things differently. So it would still be difficult for you to truly know how they are really feeling.

Keep in mind that their emotions are heightened as a result of the tragedy. Things may be said that sound hurtful, but keep in mind that it is simply their current state of mind talking. You must also encourage them to go to grief counseling NJ area has available. A professional can help them cope with the events that occurred.

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