Top Causes Of Inattentiveness In Kids

It is in the nature of children to have short attention spans. Experts say that the younger they are, the more difficult it is for them to sit still and concentrate on a single task for a long time. Yet, in some cases, children’s inattentiveness is brought about by factors other than age. As prolonged inattentiveness can be a hindrance to academic progress, knowing these other causes is vital for parents to properly address the situation.

Certain behavioural disorders are known to impair people’s ability to focus. Two disorders highly linked with inattentiveness are Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Children suffering from ADHD, in particular, are noted to be hyperactive and impulsive. However, they can focus, even zone out, when given tasks that interest them.

To address ADD and ADHD, parents and children must closely work with experts like child psychologists, behavioural therapists and other health care professionals. At present, a combination of behavioural therapy and medication is required to successfully treat these conditions.

Another proven cause of inattentiveness in children is sleep deprivation. Parents should know that kids who are sleep deprived are not only those who do not have sufficient rest time but also those who don’t rest well. Furthermore, parents shouldn’t equate snoring with a good night’s sleep. Studies show that snoring gives rise to several behavioural problems in kids like inattentiveness, depression and hyperactivity.

In cases involving inattentiveness due to sleep deprivation, parents may turn to simple remedies like changing the diet of the kids or redesigning their rooms to make them sleep better. On the other hand, when it is a case of habitual snoring, parents are encouraged to take their children to a reputable throat and ear specialist in Singapore. If possible, for accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, they must consult an ENT Doctor for Children with an excellent background in curing snoring problems.

Lastly, children’s inability to concentrate may also be due to a gamut of home and school stressors, from the divorce of parents to bullying. In these situations, inattentiveness are typically short term. Eliminating the stressor is the best way to enable children to focus once again.

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