Acne In Pregnancy

Acne is probably the skin-care issue that pregnant women face the most, maybe you have heard about the pregnancy glow that will make your hair bouncy and shiny throughout pregnancy. Women who experience this are very fortunate the fact is that many women experience acne and the opposite of this pregnancy glow.

Products which contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are unsafe. This also applies to retinoids which are not recommended for use when a woman is pregnant as these are unsafe for the baby. Read the ingredients on anything you buy before purchasing.

So here are some products that you can use on your skin, because if pregnancy acne is not taken care of throughout pregnancy it might continue even after you have given birth. Products that have sulphur in them, such as soaps are okay to use. You may also use alpha hydroxy acids and glycolic acid products, you can also get micro-dermabrasion treatments from your dermatologist.

Some safe skin care products are those containing sulphur and alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid. At- home micro-dermabrasion or dermatologist applied micro-dermabrasion treatments may also be used.Natural remedies are often useful, cornmeal and baking soda are often useful when they are mixed with honey and can be used as a mask, the pores and dead skin cells can be removed in this manner.

You need to know which products are safe for your skin because allowing acne to continue untreated during pregnancy can also lead to it continuing after delivery. The products that are safe to use are those that contain sulphur, there are many soaps on the market. Products with alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid are also safe, so are home micro-dermabrasion treatments although you can get this treatment at the dermatologist.

You may wish to attempt to change your make-up routine and try to use the ones that are made for oily skin even if you normally have dry skin. Also try mattifying skin care products under your makeup. Since makeup can clog pores if it is not properly removed you might want to go light on it or simply avoid foundation and powder.

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