Coping With Gender Disappointment During Pregnancy

Gender disappointment is still under an umbrella of secrecy as parents don’t really want to admit to it. Gender disappointment impacts both mothers and fathers. It is difficult to get a parent to admit that when they first hear about the sex of their child they are not enthused. The fact is that many women frequently wish for little girls because it is their old stomping ground after all they were a girl.

A pregnant woman who feels insecure about whether or not she can handle motherhood, often takes a large measure of comfort in thinking that her baby is a girl. Having a boy may surface several issues that a woman has with men who have been in her life.

It is exactly the same with fathers they usually want to have a son to play football with or fix cars and bikes with, just to give a few examples, or it might be psychological as well.

It is often amazing how finding out one is going to be a parent can bring up so many feelings of joy and fear. It also brings up all the issues from our own childhood both the joys and sorrows.

But the thing is, even if you get a child who is the “right” gender in your mind, you may find that the child has a completely different personality from what you would have liked. For example you could have a girl who enjoys playing football and fixing cars and a boy who frowns on all of that. Personality and what people enjoy is sometimes not based on gender.

Sometimes expectant mothers and fathers want one specific gender if they have a child that is of the next gender.

What often makes it challenging to speak of gender disappointment is the fact that you will find family and friends who occasionally make parents feel bad for getting these feeling once they initially discover the gender of their expected child. As soon as you discover that your infant is expected to be healthy, this is of course paramount to anything else. A few of your family and friends might not comprehend why you might encounter a challenge in reconciling yourself to the gender.

No matter what issue may cause gender disappointment it almost always goes away at childbirth and most parents fall in love with their new baby instantly. In rare cases where it is not resolved, at birth, a professional therapist should be employed to help the parent or parents resolve their feelings.

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