Fertility Tests

Fertility issues are hard for any woman to deal with but before you go ahead and get intrusive tests, there are several things you can do at home to check your fertility.One of the easiest methods is to check your basal body temperature on a regular basis.

Another home device you may want to use to check your fertility on your own is an ovulation predictor kit, this kit will aid you in telling when in your cycle you ovulate through the calculation of the lutenizing hormone found in urine.It shows when an increase in the lutenizing hormone occurs when you ovulate by calculating the amount of LH inside the urine you most likely will able to tell if ovulation is about to happen and and tell whether you are ovulating.

An FSH check measures the amount of foillicle stimulating hormone a woman has. Through measurement of this hormone the tests seeks to find out if too much FSH is being produced, if so, there might possibly be an inability to conceive. This test is done around the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle with FSH strips.

An FSH strip checks out the quantity of foillicle stimulating hormone a woman has in her urine. If there is too much of the the FSH in the urine then, this might impair a woman’s ability to conceive.

An OV watch test interprets the amount of sodium chloride ions released by the skin throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle, the amount of sodium chloride ions released by the skin fluctuates. Six days before a woman ovulates there is a surge in ions and the watch spots it. The OV watch is pretty easy to use, you simply wear the watch around your wrist. The watch picks up the amounts of ions in your perspiration. The watch must be worn for six days continuously starting from the first day of your cycle.

As you can see there are several at home methods that will help you to keep track of your fertility several of them are easily done at home. It is best to try some of these methods if you have questions about your fertility as many of them will accurately predict whether you are in fact ovulating or not. These methods are not perfect but they have helped many on their quest for knowledge of their fertility or to conceive a child.

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