How To Find Out Your Baby’s Gender

A great deal of pregnant women want to get an idea of the gender of the baby they are carrying because of this avid curiosity many women are now purchasing intelligender kits, sadly 50 % of these readings are incorrect.

The next option would be to get an ultrasound at twenty weeks into the pregnancy as this usually gives you a positive answer but five months is a long wait and most parents find it to be a very difficult one indeed. Of course there are earlier tests that can be done but these kinds of test require internal probing and they are usually not done unless genetic issues are suspected

This occured throughout a 10 year period. At six weeks pregnant 22 % the mothers did a transvaginal ultrasound. While the other 78 % did an ultrasound that scanned the abdomen. This study found that 97.2% of fetuses who had a placenta placement to the right were boys and that 97.5 % of fetuses with placenta placement on the left side were girls.The results are outstanding. It takes mystery out of gender

The results are quite impressive. It certainly takes away a lot of the mystery about gender early on in a pregnancy. The speculation and curiosity about gender has plagued many parents for centuries and it has spawned numerous old wives tales about gender identification, most of which have turned out to be grossly inaccurate leading to disappointment for the parents. So for centuries parents have guessed at and have been completely wrong about the sex of their child. Ultrasounds were a welcome invention but still parents have been looking for an even earlier detection method and it appears to have been found in the Ramzi method.

The outcomes are outstanding. It takes some of the mystery out of indentifying gender at the start of pregnancy. The curiosity about the gender of the unborn baby fascinates many parents the moment they discover they’re expecting. For many years it’s triggered a lot of anxiety, in addition to numerous tales about finding out the baby’s sex, nearly all these tales have demonstrated their inaccuracy although they still continue to be prevalent. Ramzi’s boasts a high rate of success. This method offers parents time to get used to having a boy or a girl, especially if gender disappointment is a factor. Should you choose have an ultrasound at the very start of pregnancy you will have to confirm with your doctor the placenta positioning, don’t assume you’ll be able to get it done on your own as you may not see clearly the positioning of the placenta.

This method is highly accurate but take a look at the percentages again, it is not one hundred percent, which means their are rare instances in which the method gets the gender wrong. Perhaps you shouldn’t decorate the nursery based on this method or set you heart on a particular baby name but just use it as a tongue in cheek way of taking some of the guess work out of gender identification.

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