Lower Your Diastolic Hypertension Effectively

In a blood pressure reading the second number (120/60 the 80 is the second number) is known as diastolic pressure, which means the amount of pressure in your arteries once your heart is relax among beats. Failure to lower your blood pressure level may lead to a serious issue of hypertension and this hypertension will lead to heart attack and stroke. There are many simple and natural way to reduce diastolic blood pressure such as lifestyle change, herbal medication etc.

The few reasons for high diastolic blood pressure are as follow;

– Consuming high sodium and salt

– Plumpness owing to in excess of consumption and be short of work out

– Genetic issues

– Addicted to alcohol and smoking

– Physical and mental stress

– Aging

Consult your healthcare provider before taking further steps to take medicine for diastolic blood pressure. If your blood pressure is high, you’ll need to discuss with your doctor the actions you should take to lower it. Your doctor may prescribe medicine to bring your blood pressure to a level that is safe. He may also recommend lifestyle changes to control your diastolic blood pressure.

1. Lose some weight

Both your weight and blood pressure are interconnected. Therefore to lower your blood pressure and maintain in the normal range, you should consider reducing your extra weight. To reduce your weight, you should change your lifestyle and the eating patter in healthy way and keep yourself fit doing some exercise.

2. Rest and sleep

Mind and body need plenty of rest and sleep to control and maintain your stress level and to release stress. Stress is playing a major role is blood pressure.

3. Diet control

Good dieting practice ensures your health and minimizes most of the health issues such as blood pressure. Healthy diet schedule will always ensures necessary intakes if vitamins and minerals this will help to avoid unnecessary vitamins and minerals such as sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat etc. fresh fruits, vegetables and raw meals will ensures your healthy living.

4. Give up smoking

Nicotine plays a major role is hypertension, tobacco products contain nicotine and this cause rise blood pressure and heart beat rate.

Lastly, if your diagnosed result says about diastolic blood pressure, you should take remedial action to safeguard yourself from silent killer or hypertension. Once you change your lifestyle to accommodate all the above you should keep on maintaining your practices to ensure and control your diastolic blood pressure level. This is method will cost you nothing other than the routine of your life.

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