Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are striated marks that are created by the skin when it begins to stretch rapidly as it normally does toward the middle and the end of pregnancy. Stretch marks occur because the skin looses elasticity.

Pregnancy is prime time for stretch marks especially as a woman’s waist, hips, thighs and breasts expand to accommodate the child growing inside her.At least a half of all pregnant women get stretch marks.As mentioned before stretch marks most often occur when the skin is stretched and loses its elasticity.

Genetics often play an important role as well, if your own mother experienced stretch marks or a sister had them while pregnant you are a lot more likely to get them as well. You will also have them, if you gain a lot of weight due to a big baby or if you are having twins and triplets, you may find you are more susceptible to them.

The easiest method to cope with these marks is to plan in advance how to deal with them. Despite the fact that there’s no study that states how to effectively deal with stretch marks. One way to deal with stretch marks is to keep the expanding areas of the skin moisturized. The more you keep your skin moisturized then the more likely it is that the pores will be preserved from stretching.

However cocoa butter and vitamin E oil can be used and some women swear by them even though there is no scientific proof. If you find that the cocoa butter and vitamin E oil are not working, your next best option if stretch marks really bother you, is to budget for laser treatment within the first eight weeks of giving birth. To date laser treatment is the most effective form of treatment, especially if the marks are new. It has had some measure of success on older marks as well. Try not to become so worried about getting stretch marks that you lose some of the joy of watching your tummy and your child grow.

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