Boost Your Living with these Memory Strategies

It’s a classic scenario – you meet somebody new, after which moments later you’ve forgotten their own name! Passwords, names, pin and telephone numbers… the list really is limitless – with much to memorize is it really possible to improve how much you could recall?

The good thing is “yes”! Much like each and every muscle within your body, the adage “use it or lose it” applies, so the more you exercise the brain, the more you will remember.

Here are some simply memory techniques.


‘Mnemonic’ is yet another word for memory tool. Mnemonics are generally memory techniques for remembering information that’s otherwise quite difficult to remember: A simple example is the ’30 days hath September’ rhyme for remembering the number of days in every month.

The concept behind using mnemonics is to encode difficult-to-remember details in a manner that is much easier to remember.

Our minds evolved to code and translate complicated stimuli including images, colors, structures, sounds, smells, tastes, touch, positions, emotions and language. We start using these to make advanced models of the planet we live in. Our memories store all of these effectively.

Regrettably, many of the info we must remember in todays lifestyles is presented in a different way – as words printed on a page. While writing is really a rich and advanced medium for conveying complicated arguments, our own brains don’t effortlessly encode written info, making it difficult to remember.

Utilizing Your Entire Mind to Remember The key idea is that by coding info using vivid mental pictures, you can reliably code both information and the structure of information. And because the pictures are vivid, they’re easy to recall when you need them.

The memory techniques described afterwards within this section teach you just how to code information vividly, using stories, strong mental images, familiar journeys, and so forth.

You could do these things to make ones mnemonics more memorable:

* Use optimistic, pleasant pictures. The brain frequently obstructs out annoying ones.

* Use vibrant, colorful, sense-laden images – these are simpler to remember compared to drab ones.

* Use all your senses to code information or dress up an image. Remember that your mnemonic can include sounds, smells, tastes, touch, movements and feelings as well as pictures.

* Give your image three dimensions, movement and also space to really make it more vivid. You should use movement either to maintain the flow of association, or help you to remember actions.

* Exaggerate the dimensions of important parts of the image.

* Use humor! Funny or even peculiar things are easier to remember than usual ones.

* Similarly, rude rhymes are extremely hard to forget!

* Symbols (pointing fingers, road signs, red traffic lights, etc.) can code quite complex messages quickly and effectively.

A good memory heightened by sound memory techniques may also lead to a financially rewarding life. It’s written that individuals with good memories frequently perform better in scholastic undertakings than those with poor memories. Study however can be difficult but when you use the correct study techniques involving memory, you could generally breeze through your course. As we know people who have a higher level of education usually find themselves in the higher paid careers.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? See at this time and improve your current circumstances.

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