Careers that are the most stressful

Each and every type of job comes with stress. Some jobs have less stress while others have too much stress. Stressful jobs have great impact on a human body and mind. Although people prefer less stressful jobs but it is not always possible to get what one wants. What are the most stressful jobs are discussed in this article.

According to a new survey, very few professionals suffer from stress as much as IT professionals. Studies have shown that almost 97 percent of people in IT organizations suffer from too much stress. The stress begins even before people enter their work stations.

The medical profession also brings in a lot of stress. Doctors have to use their brains to a great extent in this profession. They have to study and apply the knowledge simultaneously on a regular basis. They don’t have much time for themselves. During the time of surgeries they need to apply their brains a lot. Utmost care as well as concentration is needed in the operation theater. As many lives are depended on the doctor they need to have more responsibility.

Engineers also suffer a lot due to heavy stress. They need to be very careful as even a little mistake can be harmful for their career. Maximum security is another main requirement of their job.

Stress is also associated with sales and marketing jobs. Professionals on sales department always remain busy in maintaining extreme pressure of customers. They can hardly manage time for even urinating when customer pressure is high. They need to be very nice when dealing with the customers. Marketing officials also stay busy in convincing the customers. They are always expected to come up with innovative ideas to support their jobs.

Teaching is another stressful profession. The main purpose of the teacher is to provide good education. Teachers have to deal with a lot of pressure in the classroom. In addition to the daily work, they also need to examine the exam papers. A good teacher has to be much enduring to solve the problems of students.

The job is also not easy for the officials working in various financial institutions. They need to be very careful with the accounts. If any miscalculation occurs, their jobs get threatened. Financial consultants need to provide innovative service to the clients. HR (Human Resource) administrators have to endure extreme workload. Their job is not at all easy and requires a lot of concentration. At times they are very stressed.

People working in production sector also have tough duties. The people in this field of work remains extremely busy always. They also need to maintain the deadline and quality of the products. It is proved that the workers in production sector not only pressurize their brains, but also they drain their vitality to a remarkable extent.

Clerical job is also very stressful. They need to follow the orders from the upper level and also meet the demands of the clients.

The most stressful jobs have been discussed above. These jobs become more stressful when the pay is less and the people don’t get the deserved respect. Strict deadline is also a major concern for the people. Stress no doubt has an impact on a person’s longevity. A balanced diet and proper rest can help you stay fit. Recreation is also highly needed to get rid of monotony generated from stress.

The author has spent 10 years at the state level, focusing in employment counseling. You can find me on my ideas.

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