Depression In Teens: Signs You Should Watch Out For

If you have a teenage son or daughter, you know that mood swings are a common occurrence, but how do you tell when it’s something more than just hormones. If your teen is dealing with depression, it’s important to recognize the symptoms early so that you can seek professional help. These problems rarely resolve on their own and it is vital that you help your teen through this difficult and painful problem. If you are unsure what you are dealing with, consult a professional to be safe.

The third leading cause of deaths in teenagers is suicide and it is estimated that about 20% of teens are struggling with this disease. One common sign is a declining performance in school. If you notice your teen’s grades starting to slip, this could be a sign that you should seek help. Promiscuity, risky behavior, drug and alcohol abuse, and trouble with personal relationships may be a cry for help.

Depressed teens will often make vague complaints about illnesses or pain even though nothing appears to be physically wrong with them. They may stop enjoying the things that they used to and may become more reserved and seem sad most of the time. Changes in eating habits, anxiety, anger, and irritability can also be symptoms of depression.

Those suffering from depression often have trouble sleeping. They may sleep for long periods, but still seem tired when they wake up. They may also suffer from insomnia. These troubles can lead to problems with focus and concentrations which can further exacerbate problems in school.

Pay close attention to any comments about harming themselves or others, and if these occur contact a medical professional immediately. If the individual has been struggling with depression then there is a much greater chance that they will contemplate or even attempt suicide, and unfortunately a number of older children succeed in these attempts every single year in America. Even those who receive treatment may not get the results hoped for, and it may require a considerable amount of trial and error before the most effective therapy methods and medications can be determined.

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