Important Information Regarding Low Calorie Diets

When you have the urge to lose a little weight, especially with an intense diet; you need to do some checking into the pros and cons before you delve into it. When choosing one of these diets, you should be cautious and if possible have a doctor monitor your progress; they may not be a healthy weight loss option. In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at very low calorie diets and what’s good and not so good about them.

As with any severe diet or health change, there is a chance to experience certain ill effects. Whenever you start a very different kind of diet, it’s possible that your body will react in some way, and cutting back on calories can have certain effects. Some of the health dilemmas may be nausea, fatigue, constipation, diarrhea, etc. Sometimes obese people who go on very low calorie diets develop gallstones, although this may be a result of rapid weight loss, rather then the diet itself. Whenever you take on a quick reducing food regime, or experience any ill effects; consult your doctor.

All over the world the diet OPTIFAST is used by hospitals as a very low calorie diet. This is a diet that was developed especially for people who are at least 50 pounds overweight, or who have a BMI (body mass index) of over 30. So if you are just a few pounds overweight then this diet is not for you. The advantage of the OPTIFAST program is that it operates within a medical setting, so your progress is being monitored by trained professionals at all times. This program began in around 1974 and it has a very solid record for being safe and effective, considering over one million people have done it. If you are seriously considering this program, drastically changing your diet and lifestyle is something you will have to do.

By using a dehydrator you can make your own raw food version of bread and other foods as well, however sprouts, vegetables, fruits and nuts typically make up a raw foods diet. Lots of people find it rather difficult to stay on track with this kind of diet because eating most everyday foods is forbidden, however this is considered to be healthy. Adding some more raw foods into your very low calorie diet might be something that you want to do, even if you’re not so keen on having a 100% raw diet.

In closing, extremely low calorie food programs are not the answer for all dieters, but if your physician gives you a heads up and you wish to choose the intensity, it may be helpful for you. This editorial has gone over some of the preferences. No matter what kind of diet you’re considering, though, it’s best to do your research and look at a variety of opinions.

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