My Amlodipine Saga: Hypertension Isn’t funny … Except this Time

Regular Guy, Brian Sloan, right here in order to share with you all a funny story. It’s a tad awkward. But, in all of my article writing in the last number of years, it seems that people prefer to check out the way I make a horse’s rear end out of myself rather than reading several of my “deep” insights about the condition of society. And, even though this one wasn’t actually a big goof up on my part, I suspect this was among my more daunting and embarrassing doctor appointments ever. Thankfully, I haven’t had any type of very serious health disorders that could not be treated. But regarding the entertainment value of this small adventure, just file away this fact. I had been taking Amlodipine for somewhat minor high blood pressure levels for quite some time.

However, that condition was well under control – I assumed. But one condition actually wasn’t. Here it is – fun, fun: I have had persistent prostate issues for many years (BPH – Benign prostatic hyperplasia, I think that is the condition). And it’s somewhat frustrating. Now, I really am thankful that it’s not cancerous. I’ve had some friends who went through that. But my ailment is certainly not that serious. It’s found with a lot of older men generally. But I have endured the blasted thing forever. It almost seems like I was diagnosed in the 3rd grade. “Mrs. Sloan, just thought you would want to know that your child has a prostate gland about the overall size of a small refrigerator. But don’t be concerned, we will make an effort to keep it from getting really large.” SAY WHAT?? Oh, goodness, I have tolerated this for a long period of time. I’m 54 years young. And I mean, it’s not really like it’s a matter that I discuss at parties. “Hey, you know what? I had this man in a white lab coat who clearly just won the world’s biggest finger competition ram his entire arm up my keister today! More chips, please.” NO…. It’s just one of those things you just try to keep to yourself, trust it will improve, and you never introduce the topic at the dinner table.

So, anyway I was minding my own business, just waiting to see the doctor, because that’s what they make me do frequently pertaining to my condition. I think the small refrigerator had become infected. So, here I was, patiently waiting for my doctor to come into the exam room. He’s honestly a terrific person and our family members had been acquainted long before I began using him as my M.D. And, I have to tell you, it really doesn’t matter who it might be, if you’re seated in that room waiting for the doc to come in and do the forever dreaded finger routine, you WILL NOT BE at all relaxed.

So, I’m patiently waiting in there in my not relaxed, please hurry up, get in here and let’s get this over attitude, and then it occurred. And I had no idea whatsoever that a little something like this could affect my blood pressure the way this situation would. However, what the doctor’s office had neglected to advise me was that my regular doctor wasn’t available that day and his physician’s assistant, a pleasant young WOMAN, was there to help me. And please understand that I’m not a sexist who doesn’t want women in the medical profession. And I really know that the world needs plenty of qualified females throughout the medical profession. I just didn’t wish to have one right there in that particular room at that particular moment.

So, initially she starts asking me questions and in the process of doing that, checked my blood pressure levels. Upon doing that she didn’t do very well hiding a distressing amount of concern on her face. “Mr. Sloan, this blood pressure is really high.” I really don’t remember her precise phrase or the blood pressure numbers. She took the reading again and I believe it was even worse at that point. If my memory serves me right she asked me did I get a touch of white coat hypertension at the doctor’s office. Of course the answer was yes, but I failed to tell her that the actual condition from which I was suffering was FMPIWCH (Female Medical Person In a White Coat Hypertension).

So, God bless her, she’s now so concerned because this guy might seriously have a stroke in her exam room, that she requests that I lay down on the exam table, let her cut off the overhead lights and she would leave for a several minutes so I could relax and calm down, then she would come back in a bit. Well, the trouble with her strategy was that the odds were highly against her getting a complete sex change operation in the next several minutes and come stepping back into the room as a male physician. So I lay there, virtually in the darkness on a very hard exam room table while trying to relax…..uh huh. But it wasn’t going to happen.

So, she came back into the room about ten minutes later, and still tested and found my blood pressure to be fairly high, approved for me a higher dosage of amlodipine for my high BP, didn’t even check out my prostate gland at all, and advised me to see my regular doctor concerning that particular problem! So possibly she appreciated what I was going through after all. And, ultimately we determined that she had done the correct thing. I really did require a higher dosage of the Amlodipine for my BP condition over all, regardless of who was lined up to check the prostate. And they continue to emphasize to me to take that BP medication on a daily basis.

I have exercised, watched my diet and shed some substantial weight of late that did help my blood pressure levels. However, I still have to take the meds. Despite my laughter and embarrassment regarding this incident, our blood pressure is one thing that we surely must keep under control. High blood pressure isn’t called the silent killer for nothing. Get it checked. Make certain that you abide by your physician’s guidelines and don’t let high blood pressure place you at risk of serious or fatal conditions.

Have yourself a great week!

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