Recognized Solutions Regarding The Best Ways To Get Pregnant With A Boy

In case you wish to know how to have a boy, you could resort to some strategies which are thought to be effective. A few of these strategies are making use of the Chinese birth chart that ascertains the period when an individual was conceived, the cycle of ovulation, and considering specific cures that have been verified to produce a boy baby.

1. Using the Chinese Birth Graph

What you need to do initially would be to know your lunar age. This age has to be in line with the Asian lunar calendar. You can actually make use of a web-based program for you to figure out your age based on the cycle of the moon. Another way is by using the following guidelines: Use your real age at the time you are born right from January 1 to February 20. On the other hand, in case you’re given birth to from February 21 to December 31, you have to add 1 year to the current age based on the English calendar.

The next task is to ascertain your predicted month of conceiving to result in the preferred gender. Again, there are now online resources that could do it on your behalf. After that, attempt to conceive a baby in the estimated time.

2. Using the Shettles Approach

Designed by Landrum B. Shettles 5 decades ago, this approach is a conception forecast theory which promises to identify the gender of the infant. Shettles believed that the X sperm is more robust yet much slower compared to the male sperm. With this theory, a person may do various ways to influence the conception to produce a boy.

Using this strategy, it is a necessity for you to monitor your ovulation cycles so as to determine when exactly the ovulation occurs. You may in fact read about ovulation prediction procedures which are available on the internet.

3. Turning to Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

Such a treatment is believed to likewise offer a good success rate in getting the desired gender of a child. But, assume that it could have a cost.

You can consult your physician regarding the requirements before undergoing this kind of procedure. In case your physician doesn’t provide this kind of service, you could consult her about doctors that give such procedure. You can also join in web based forums to interact with others who need to take the said treatment. These people may propose somebody who could meet your particular needs.

In case you want to know the effective procedures regarding the best ways to get pregnant with a boy baby, don’t be reluctant to go to your physician since she is aware of the best.

Picking the gender of your baby is highly possible. Having the correct knowledge and techniques, you may attain your dream of getting a baby boy. If you would like to conceive a girl instead, kindly visit: How To Conceive A Girl

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