Simply Lower Cholesterol With Heart Healthy Natural Supplements Available Online

The most frequent cause of death in advanced economies is a coronary problem. With many being suspicious for the claims made for modern drugs, there has been a large move to alternatives, such as heart healthy natural supplements. Past evidence shows that the current death rates from these causes are unnatural, and can be ascribed to lifestyle and the highly processed foods consumed.

The latest research shows that astaxanthin, previously virtually unknown, is actually the most powerful antioxidant yet identified. It has many times the efficacy of vitamin C against free radical damage. Among other things, it is known to reduce wrinkles and reverse other signs of aging.

The importance of Vitamin D was previously overlooked, but it has now been shown that people with the lowest levels of this vitamin have almost four times the risk of succumbing to a coronary problem. Make sure you use the D3 version, or get adequate exposure to the UVB rays of the sun.

Magnesium is important for proper muscle function. It should be noted that taking it with calcium increases the solubility of calcium so that more is absorbed, but almost no magnesium will be absorbed.from the combination. For best results it should be taken on its own before meals.

A major factor in aging and a contributor to coronary disease is stress.The right sort of exercise will help improve muscle tone as well as reducing the effects of stress. Siberian ginseng cuts the production of cortisol during periods of stress. Cortisol is a hormone produced during stress which eventually can cause immense damage to the body.

As a final reminder, sudden death may be the first detectable symptom of a cardiac condition, so it is not wise to take chances. With so many heart healthy natural supplements available at good prices on the web, there is no reason to settle for ineffective synthetics. By making sure any you take are bioavailable, you will derive full benefit from them

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