Some Information about Pregnancy Scans

Pregnancy scans are an accurate way of determining and checking for various issues during pregnancy. Most clinics do them during 8-14 weeks of pregnancy. This first one is to determine the due date of the baby. The next one is done usually on the 18th to the 20th week. This one checks for any structural abnormality the baby may have. Below is some information you may want to know about pregnancy scans in case you have any apprehension about the procedure.

* Pregnancy scans use sound waves to create an image of the infant in the uterus. They are painless and have no adverse effects on either the mom or the baby. Contact your obstetrician or nurse about any grievances you have.

* Pregnancy scans have several uses including:

1. Assessing the measurements of the child to identify when you are due. This is particularly helpful if you have a practice of irregular menstrual durations or if your cycle is long or too short. The ultrasound reading will adjust your due date for your details.

2. To confirm if you are holding numerous children.

3. To check to see if your child has any irregularities with its head or spinal column.

4. To check to see if the placenta and foetus are positioned correctly. If the placenta is too low down during the pregnancy then you may have to consider a caesarean or a special delivery.

5. Generally to see if the child or infants are growing healthily and usually especially if you are holding several children.

* Before the pregnancy scans you will be advised to drink lots of fluid. This is because a full bladder pushes up the uterus and gives a more defined picture. Later, you are asked to lie down and jelly is smeared on your abdomen. An object is moved up and down on your abdomen skin which causes high-frequency sound to echo through your stomach into the womb. This sound bounces back and a picture comes up on the screen. It is thrilling to see an image of your baby moving around.

* If the image seems odd request a description. If it is possible ask your partner to come together with you. The image can make the whole process appear even more genuine to you both. You could additionally have a hard copy of the picture of the pregnancy scans though there could be a charge for this.

* However, if you have actually had previous troubles with maternity like miscarriages or bleeding then an early scan might be suggested to you. This can occur between six and ten weeks of pregnancy. This service is offered in many centers where your physician or midwife could recommend an early scan. It will be a vaginal scan as opposed to an ultrasound since it is a much better selection for extremely early maternities. Hopefully, you will feel reassured with this scan. If you’re feeling nervous about the vaginal pregnancy scans ask someone to come with you for moral support and request that a female does it for you instead.

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