Triumph Over Depression By Listening To Your Inner Self

In this post , I would like to discuss source energy. Source energy is the place you spawned from. All of us emanated from a source, some people refer to it as divine spirit, other individuals refer to it as God, or Dow etc. The force from where you sprung from is a divine source. It consists of sincerity, positivity, loyalty, humbleness, etc. It incorporates everything that is sweet in this world.

It’s a optimal source and you came from this place. Your true self should be to act in a manner aligned correctly to your source. Your true self is optimistic, is very humble, is kind and you possess strength. Once you wander from whom you are, you really feel depressed, you feel negative, you feel indifferent and despondent. My firm opinion is that we really are spiritual beings that stemmed from an amazing source and we at this moment in time are experiencing a human life experience.

When you accomplish acts of goodness, of companionship, of humbleness, you align yourself to your source and you begin to feel larger. How do you prevail over unhappiness?, A single way is to become gentler. It is proven that both parties in an act of kindness both the giver and that taker really feel more energized and positive immediately after that kind act. You want to eliminate depressive disorders?, become more humble. It is not all about you, it is also about the group. Once you begin to take the attention off your own circumstances and place it on to men and women who genuinely need your support, good things begin to materialize in your life.

What’s more there is a steady unseen channel of vitality binding you to your source continually. Some individuals use mediation to connect at a more deeper level with their source. This definitely would be some thing I highly suggest. The channel of energy can be heightened or destabilized based on your thoughts. The more aligned you are with your source, the greater your source will be lined up to you

This channel of energy is compared to the umbilical chord connected between a mother and little one in the mothers womb. The thought processes that you transmit through this energy field create your life. The whole world we live in performs on one uncomplicated but yet profound rationale. “As you think so shall you be”. The reason why you are not feeling well at the moment is mainly because of the thoughts you are thinking. By aiming yourself in the direction of source energy, your actions will quickly move your thinking from unfavorable to optimistic. Beating depression will then happen rapid fast thanks to your new thoughts and measures.

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