Learn How Diet And Nutrition Affects Fertility With A Natural Fertility Health Center Therapist

It quite often happens that people struggle to conceive. A visit to a Palatine fertility therapy clinic offers the possibility of a solution to this problem. After all, you are what you eat, and nutrition plays a vital part in many bodily functions.

Any woman with bulimia, anorexia, or who is under severe stress is also unlikely to conceive. These circumstances cause an ancient survival mechanism to come into play. Because the present conditions do not seem to offer good prospect for any newborn baby to survive and thrive, the body intervenes to block the added stress of pregnancy.

Hormones play a big part in and conception, so it is no surprise that an excess of estrogen can prevent both sexes from being fertile. Certain phyto-estrogens from plants such as soy can mimic these effects and also prevent pregnancy, just like the contraceptive pill. Other hormones are also intimately connected with conception and it is best to have hormone levels properly checked. Production of the thyroid hormone is also very important.

The consumption of gluten contained in wheat and certain other grains can also cause problems. Gluten intolerance can cause celiac disease which is even associated with spontaneous abortions. Even without this complication, simple intolerance can interfere with conception.

Another surprising factor is consuming fat-free or low fat milk products. It has been shown that this can almost double the chance of a woman becoming infertile. It is ironic that grains and low fat dairy, often recommended as healthy options, could be the cause of certain health issues.

It is perhaps not unexpected that diet may play such an import part in the ability to conceive. A healthy diet and the proper hormonal balance can both be determined by a good Palatine fertility therapy clinician in order to improve the possibility of a pregnancy. Additional supplementation with appropriate vitamins and mineral might also be necessary to achieve this.

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