Teenage Depression

Does your teenager display mood swings or complain of a dark cloud that never leaves? This could be teenage depression. It’s serious and effects every facet of their life. It is so serious that depression can root itself in unwanted behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse, self loathing, self mutilation, pregnancy, violence and at it’s worse suicide. If you are a parent , a teacher or just a friend you can help. Having an honest conversation can bring about a much needed solution.

We joke about the teen years. We talk about how crazy or weird teens are. Although these stigmas may be valid, teens face a huge challenge. They must balance their rough roads with healthy friendships, school achievement, outside activities and develop a strong sense of self and a personality that allows them to “fit in”. Mood swings and bad decisions are small compared to depression. Depression can knock out the strongest of the strong. When it runs its course unhappiness, helplessness, and anger take a firm hold and turn the “teenager” into a monster. These feelings are becoming increasingly rampant among today’s teenagers. What makes matters worse is that only one in five teenagers get help. When these behaviors become center stage it is time for a parent , a teacher or friend to step in and get help.

Body changes, questions about who am I and how do i fit in, are the biggest giants that continuously plague the teenage psyche. Growing up from a child to adulthood brings many consequences such as conflicts with parents. Independence is the motive. These circumstances can be confusing to a parent. Is my child sad , seeking independence or is this depression? To bring more confusion to the issue signs of depression do not always reveal themselves as sadness or complete withdrawal . Irritability, aggression and rage are often the face of depression.

Hormones can do crazy things to your attitude and mood during your teenage years. That does not mean that your teen might not also be depressed. If your doctor recommends seeing a psychiatrist, they will give your teen an anti-depressant. However, make sure to ask if it is approved for teens under 18. As doctors are hesitant to put young teens on medication while the brain is still developing. There can be high risk that it will not develop correctly or possibly slow its development.

There are alternative methods to treating depression in teens. Diet good nutrition and exercise produces a boost to the brain with endorphins. Certain vitamins such as vitamin B are a natural treatment for depression. Other vitamins act as anti-depressants vitamins such as Zinc and omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil. If prescribed medicine is not preferred these vitamins can certainly act as alternative solutions to depression

Conversation and early detection will stop your teenager from developing teenage depression. Know the signs.

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