Cravings In Pregnancy

During pregnancy cravings are natural, so is having strong aversions. Powerful cravings as well sudden dislikes of foods that were once eaten are commonplace in pregnancy and while any doctor will not show much concern over this, they will however start showing concern when these craving start to extend to unnatural and harmful substances that have no nutritional value.

It is believed by most that iron deficiency during pregnancy sometimes shows up in the strange ways, occasionally there may be a craving for dirt, starch, chalk, the milder form of this and safest involves a craving for ice. This is known as pica. The word pica originates the latin for magpie.The magpie is a bird that eats just about anything.

Pica is often believed to be associated with iron deficiency and most doctors will test for this once pica is identified in an expectant mother.There are of course other cravings which are considered perfectly normal, so lets take a brief look at them.

Let’s look at some regular craving and what some nutritionist think they mean. It is thought that a craving for chocolate may mean there is a deficiency in magnesium, consuming more vegetables and nuts should curb the problem. A longing for chicken can mean that you need more protein. Likewise some nutritionists believe that an aversion to certain food or drink in pregnancy is simply a natural reaction to what is potentially harmful for the fetus.

Some of the food aversions are psychologically based an aversion to wine or caffeine based beverages may be due to the fact that these beverages are not healthy for pregnant women and once a woman knows this her mind kicks into maternal mode and she develops a dislike for these beverages.However to date no substantial research has been done to pinpoint the cause of cravings in pregnant women or their aversion to foods they once liked.

Nevertheless no substantial research has been carried out that can definitively tell us what causes powerful cravings as well as such powerful aversions. The only thing an expectant mother can really do is give in to some of these cravings as long as they are healthy and keep her and baby well nourished. When these cravings are not met they don’t go away and will seriously hamper your concentration.

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