Exercise And Pregnancy

Many women seem to think that when they are pregnant it really isn’t a good idea to exercise, there is nothing further from the truth. When you are pregnant as long as you are having a healthy pregnancy it is a great time to stay active. You can exercise for up to two and a half hours per week during pregnancy. Exercise is a great way to keep your body healthy and keep you at the right weight. Hitting the gym is a great way to relieve stress and to ensure that your body is ready to have your baby. Of course consulting your doctor before beginning is vital. While exercise is good, it really is true that not all women who are pregnant can and should exercise. Women with heart problems should stay a away from exercise in pregnancy. So should women with an incompetent cervix, women who experience vaginal bleeding as well as those carrying,twins and triplets. Women who suffer from high blood pressure as well as iron deficiency anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes should use extreme caution when they consider exercising. If you have been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, a condtion in which you have excessive protein in the urine and experience flashing lights and see spots, then you should stay away from exercise .

Exercising will decrease your stress levels and keep you at the proper weight during your pregnancy. However if a woman suffers from heart problems, has an incompetent cervix , has been having vaginal bleeding or if she is having multiples then it is best that she stay away from all forms of exercise. Women who have been diagnosed as having high blood pressure or anemia, must be careful how they exercise in pregnancy. There is also a serious condition known as pre-eclampsia in which a woman experiences swelling in the, ankles, feet, face and sees spots and flashing lights. Women like these definitely should not exercise.

More recently, exercise videos have been made targeting pregnant women and many fitness places have begun to develop exercise programs geared directly toward women who are expecting. These programs are great for pregnant women as they target areas that will give optimum fitness levels without injuring the baby. The best exercise for pregnant women include swimming and walking. Swimming provides great support for your growing bump as well as giving a good all over body workout.

There are some exercises however that should be completely avoided during pregnancy, these are riding horses, kickboxing, skiing and contact sports such as soccer and basketball which may cause your tummy to get hit and result in damage to the placenta or a miscarriage. Moms to be must become spectators in this sport not participants.

It has been found that post-partum depression is more prevalent in women who are having babies for the first time, mostly because the experience of giving birth and the responsibility that comes with motherhood, can be overwhelming. Exercise is a great way for these women to feel great and keep healthy.

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