Get The Fertility Help You Need With A Palatine Natural Fertility Health Center

One out of ten American women has a problem getting pregnant. Most of them want to conceive naturally and would only consider in-vitro fertilization as a last resort. A Palatine fertility therapy center approaches reproductive difficulties from a holistic perspective. They utilize safe and effective techniques to help women maximize their chances of naturally conceiving a healthy baby.

The center has developed an integrated program that works to balance and harmonize internal systems affecting the mind, body and spirit. It combines a number of therapies including acupuncture, massage, nutrition, exercise, visualizations and herbal remedies. A personalized care plan is developed according to each client’s individual needs.

During their initial visit to the Palentine center, clients fill out health history forms and discuss their concerns with caring, attentive staff members. They are assessed using ancient Chinese methods. The pulse speed and strength is analysed to evaluate organ function. The tongue is examined for signs of health problems indicated by its shape, size, color or coating.

For centuries, acupuncture has helped women in China overcome barriers to pregnancy. It stimulates the ovarian follicles to generate healthy eggs. It also enhances blood flow to the womb. The uterine wall thickens, enriching the environment for the embryo and increasing the chance of a successful implant. Acupuncture also boosts reproductive function by lowering levels of stress hormones.

During an acupuncture session, hair-thin needles are inserted at precise points on the skin corresponding to the reproductive system. The procedure is virtually painless and the needles are barely detectable once they are in place. Most people find the therapy soothing and relaxing.

Chinese herbal formulas are often used in Palatine fertility therapy to improve the chances of conception and enhance the viability of the embryo. Clients also receive advice on diet and nutritional supplementation. Each client is continually evaluated and therapies are revised or added as necessary.

Find details about the benefits of consulting a Palatine fertility treatment professional and more information about an experienced acupuncturist at now.

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