How To Have That Baby Boy You Have Always Dreamed Of

Contrary to public opinion that it’s the woman who establishes the gender of the baby, it’s literally the sperm of the male which is the cause of it. The man’s sperm bears two kinds of chromosomes: Y and X. In contrast, the female ovary bears solely the X chromosome. The X-sperm on fusing with the female egg cell brings forth a girl. The Y-sperm in uniting with a woman’s egg cell produces a boy baby.

Below are the techniques regarding how to have a boy.

It is important to keep in mind that the larger chromosome is the X one whilst the Y chromosome is commonly smaller but nonetheless faster.

A couple should know exactly the time the woman has her ovulation. It is strongly suggested that a couple must make love no less than twenty four hours ahead of the time of ovulation and at most 12 hours to the ovulation. It is to increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby boy. Making love later into the ovulation time greatly reduces the likelihood of getting pregnant with a baby boy.

The first step would be for the woman to make note of her own cervical mucosa. Before ovulating, her cervical mucus looks raw egg white. At that time, it is normally highly stretchy and watery. The lady must take note of this for around 2 to 3 months for the sake of reliability prior to trying to get pregnant with a baby boy. It’s to make it possible for one to find out the precise time of ovulation.

Second step is where the female notes down her basal body temperature along with the first step. It’s to be doubly sure concerning the time of ovulation and to improve the accuracy of step one. She would need to purchase a basal temperature gauge from the local drug store. Before doing anything else every morning, she should take her temperature and note it down. Reading temperature after performing some activities could result in erroneous numbers. It will be observed that throughout times of ovulation, temperatures usually increase a bit. This is a sign that the lady has already ovulated. Using these documented observations over a duration of two to three menstrual cycles, one can definitely make an effort to get a boy in the onset of ovulation once temperatures would be fairly steady.

The third step is for the lady to get a kit for ovulation prediction. It determines the exact time when the female would be in ovulation. It detects her luteinizing hormone that is produced right before ovulating. It is recommended for the female to utilize it a minimum of 2 times a day between 11 AM and three in the afternoon and between five in the afternoon and 10 PM to be able to capture the adjustments as soon as possible. Ovulation will probably happen 24 hours after testing positive. There’s a high chance that couples could get a baby boy taking into consideration all of the variables mentioned above.

One could already use the ideas mentioned above in order to get pregnant with a boy. But in case you would like to be sure and need more details, please go here

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