Nutritional Needs Of Mother’s Carrying Twins

Nutritional needs naturally increase during pregnancy, however the nutritional needs of an expectant mother tend to go up significantly if she is carrying twins but this should come as no surprise. Normally a woman who is carrying only one baby needs about 300 calories a day. So a woman who is carrying twins, if you do the math will need about 600 calories. Women carrying multiples need a lot of protein about 80 to 100 grams is what is usually best, naturally this will cause a massive weight gain which tends to be unavoidable with pregnancies such as these but it should be controlled as much as possible. Consult your physician to decide exactly how much protein you will need and what you should eat to get it.

Make sure you’re eating nutritious food as you will need about 80 to 100 grams of protein per day of course the best person to consult about exactly how much protein you will need is your doctor. Naturally this causes a lot more weight gain than the average pregnancy.You will need a pre-natal vitamin, the regular dosage will do just fine there is no need for added dosage. So don’t think you need to take two, this can be dangerous, your physician will probably want to monitor your diet for iron deficiency to decide how much iron you will actually need.

As mentioned before you will need to increase your protein intake quite a bit, the foods you should focus on to do this are fish, chicken, meat and nuts. Three to four servings of this a day should be adequate. Your calcium intake will also need to increase as your bone density takes quite a beating during pregnancy and it decreases significantly.

You should also increase your roughage by eating a lot of dark green leafy vegetables this will prevent constipation which is prevalent in pregnancy but seems to be especially rampant in multiples. Be sure you drink enough water, especially during the summer. The best amount of water to drink is about 8 glasses a day for a regular pregnancy. However women carrying twins have a tendency to need more than this but the best thing is to pay attention to what your body is telling you so you can gauge your water intake.

When it comes to exercise it will most likely still be possible for you to do them but on a lower scale, the best exercises are swimming, walking or water aerobics, pace yourself, stop if you feel tired and by all means consult your doctor before you begin a routine.

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