Stages of Labor

The very first phase of labor takes place when the cervix opens (dilates) and thins out (effaces) to permit the baby to move to the delivery canal. This is actually the longest of the three stages of labor. It is divided into two phases of its own – early labor and active labor.

Early labor

Throughout early labor, your cervix will begin to dilate. You could feel gentle to reasonably solid contractions for the duration of early labor. They may continue for thirty to ninety seconds and come at frequent intervals. As your cervix begins to open, you could see a thick, blood-tinged discharge from the vagina. This is often known as bloody show.

How much time it lasts: Early labor is unpredictable. It may possibly go on for hours as well as days, especially for first-time mothers. It’s often a lot shorter for subsequent deliveries.

Active labor

Now is when the real job starts. During active labor, your cervix will dilate up to ten centimeters. Your contractions can get stronger, extended and at closer intervals. Close to the end of active labor, it would feel as if the contractions hardly ever totally vanish. You may perhaps feel rising pressure in your back too.

How much time it lasts: Active labor often lasts as long as 8 hours. For a few individuals, active labor lasts for a longer period. For some others – primarily those who’ve experienced a vaginal delivery earlier – active labor is far shorter.

The next phase of labor starts if you’re fully dilated and finishes with the actual birth of the baby. This is in some cases generally known as the “pushing” phase.

The 3rd phase begins with the birth of the newborn and ends with the delivery of the placenta and control of vaginal bleeding.

Every single pregnancy is different, and there’s huge variation in the duration of labor. For first-time moms, labor typically can take between ten and twenty hours. For a few women, although, it lasts a lot longer, whilst for other individuals it is faster. Labor progresses quicker for women who have been in labor before.

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