Teacher Stress and Behavior Management

Teaching behavior management for your classroom requires practice. Teaching yourself how to handle YOUR behavior also requires practice. As a teacher, we have many things to do, attend students (which should be number one), teach the concept in an interesting way, work with mothers and fathers, and work with your co-workers.

Therefore, teaching can be one of the most stressful occupations. In many cases, the stress of a teacher ranks just as high as police officers.

Teaching is the only profession that create other professions. Teachers educate students to read, do math, write and form opinions. This is a large job for our society’s future.

As a teacher you must take care of yourself. You are the foundation to our future. Looking after yourself and controlling your behavior is important to your creativity and activity in the classroom

First, identify your stress. The blog page “Have Fun Teaching” information feelings associated with stress:





Ideas you may think of if you are stressed:

-Low Self-Esteem

-Can not Concentrate

-Complaining about work

The behaviors you may show if you are stressed:


-Increase of a regular addiction or addiction

-Loosing craving for food or overeating

-Trouble sleeping

You can decrease these signs by:

1. Have positive thoughts. Think of what makes teaching fun for you and smile.

2. Exercise. Exercise releases endorphins to help you handle your stress.

3. Eat healthy. Eating meals which provide you with energy for teaching will help you decrease stress.

4. Be thankful. Be grateful that you are alive. The situation will only last for a second. When the year is over, it will seem very small.

5. Do not volunteer for every organization. Your main job as a teacher is to teach. You can not be in each club and properly plan for your class.

6. Take proper care of yourself. Educating is spiritual. You give of yourself emotionally every day. You have to renew your soul in order to provide your students the attention they need.

7. Meditate every day. Be grateful that you are in a profession that allows you to touch the world. Being grateful helps you redirect your energy to attract positive energy. Meditating helps you have a strong mental state which will help keep you calm when stressful events occur.

8. Do not complain. The etymology of complaining means to beat your chest; grief. Is that something you want daily? To be in grief? To beat your chest? Do not grumble. You will be depressed. Students do not need a depressed teacher.

9. Continue your favorite hobby. Working with your hobby will allow you to renew and refocus. Hobbies are fun. Having fun will help decrease stress.

The teacher’s behavior management will reflect your classroom behavior management.

Learn more about teacher stress, stop by Dr. Genola Johnson’s site where you can find out all about behavior management and teacher stress. For more information on having fun teaching visit Have Fun Teaching

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