Travelling During Pregnancy

There may come a time while you are pregnant that you must travel, if this is the case, you of course must obtain permission from your doctor before booking your flight or planning your itinerary. There are some expectant mothers who should not travel at all because of the delicacy of their pregnancy, while there are those who are healthy enough to go ahead once they get the consent of their doctor.

During pregnancy you need to ask your doctor about any test he or she may need to perform before and make sure you create a plan to work out your travel around these tests.

So take along a copy of your prenatal chart. This chart should have your age, your (LMP) last menstrual period, it should list any allergies you may have, all your previous test results, your blood pressure results, urine test results, your surgical and medical history. You will need to make sure you have listed your emergency contacts outside and within the area you are visiting. The next step will then be to pack all the medications you will need to have for any ailments you possess and don’t forget to pack your vitamins especially folic acid which is vital during pregnancy.

Remember that it may be difficult to get some of your critical medication in the place you will be visiting and while it might be tempting to take these medications out of their original bottles and only stack up on what you believe you will need especially if it is a short trip.

The next wise thing to do is to carry any medications you might need, as they may not be available to you where you are going. Do not however remove these medications from their original packaging because as you go through customs you may need to prove that these are in fact prescription medications, so you will have no problems entering that particular area you are visiting. You might want to get travel insurance as this will ease the burden financially if you get sick while visiting or vacationing.

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