Understanding Your Menstrual Cycle

Little girls are already equipped for reproduction when they are born, from the time they begin to grow in the womb, they already have a complete supply of eggs that they will be born with. However, only fifteen of those thousands of eggs though will attempt to ripen and prepare itself for fertilization in any menstrual cycle. Each egg comes enclosed in its own cocoon called a follicle. The follicles are filled with estrogen.

Estrogen starts to dart throughout the follicle this forces the egg into maturity, the most mature egg is the one that gets release, the other eggs disintegrate because a lot of a hormone called the luteinizing hormone is made by the hormone estrogen , this hormone is actually what forces the egg to be released from the ovaries.

The follicle that previously encased the egg then gets transformed into what is known as the corpus luteum. The job of the corpus luteum is to strengthen the lining of a woman’s uterus for the implantation of a fertilized egg, by releasing hormones, specifically, estrogen and progesterone. The corpus luteum will usually stick around for a maximum of sixteen days. The progesterone it secretes actually prevents other eggs from being released from the ovary.

The Corpus luteum gives the lining of the uterus enough time to develop the strength it will need to support a fertilized egg. The corpus luteum is constantly secreting progesterone this makes the cervix produce cervical mucus, this cervical mucus allows the sperm to swim freely to the egg, as you can see everything works like clockwork.

If this does not happen and the egg does not get fertilized, then the corpus luteum and the lining of the womb begin to disintegrate due to the fact that progesterone and estrogen production slows down. The disintegrating corpus luteum and the lining of the womb is what comes out monthly as the menstrual flow.

If you have irregular periods be sure to visit your doctor as soon as possible to correct this issue as it will affect your chances of conceiving a child if you someday have that desire.

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