Antenatal Testing And Your Pregnancy

As you get further into your pregnancy your physician will wish to do numerous tests these are referred to as antenatal tests. These test are just normal routine tests. Your doctor should tell you the objective of each test that is being done.You’ll generally have your weight checked even though some doctors are not really keen on it anymore as this varies a lot, as there are expectant mothers who gain very little and those who gain many pounds. A great deal of the additional weight comes from the child however the rest of it originates from the body creating fat reserves so that the mother can make breast milk over the next couple of months.

Your weight is usually checked at each visit, however some doctors have now stopped checking weight because it varies so much. Most of the weight is from the baby but a lot of it also comes from the reserves of fat that you will need to produce breast milk in the upcoming months. Your doctor will also check your urine at every visit to make sure you do not have any protein in it. Protein in urine is usually an indicator that pre-eclampsia may be developing, This is a serious condition that can harm mother and baby.

Pre-eclampsia will cause flashing lights and spots to appear before an expectant mother’s eyes. Your doctor will also check your blood pressure as an elevated blood pressure is part of this condition. Your blood tests are often done to find out several things such as if you are rhesus positive or negative because if you are pregnant and rhesus negative, then injections are required very early in the pregnancy to prevent a miscarriage. There is usually a great risk of this happening if the woman has had a child before or even a miscarriage. Blood tests also check for anemia which happens quite a bit in pregnancy and you will need to get supplements if your blood count gets low.

Blood tests also help your doctor to detect whether or not you are suffering from anemia which causes a low blood count, this is quite common in pregnancy and must be treated with iron supplements. Your blood tests will also detect whether or not you have HIV. HIV infections must be treated immediately so that it doesn’t infect the child.

By 18 to 20 weeks all pregnant women would have been given at least one ultrasound, at 18 to 20 weeks you can identify defects and also find out the gender most of the times. This is usually the part that most expectant couples find the most exciting as they will finally know if they are having a little boy or a little girl so that they can know which color baby clothes to purchase and how to decorate the nursery.

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