Artificial Insemination

Artificial insemination is used by doctors to help treat infertility. This is done by introducing sperm into either the vagina, uterus or fallopian tubes. The best and preferred method is to place the sperm directly into the uterus as this makes the sperm’s journey to the egg much smoother and shorter thereby increasing the chance that the egg will be fertilized by the sperm as quickly as possible.

The method does not meet with the same level of success as In Vitro fertilization treatments. It nevertheless has barely no negative effects and this is precisely what makes it so perfect for all those who do not wish to cope with all the hassle of more invasive techniques.

It’s also a good form of treatment for men whose sperm have issues with swimming to the egg in order to fertilize it. As mentioned before sometimes the sperm is introduced into the fallopian tube, this is done in order that those women who are suffering from endometriosis or uterine abnormalities have a better chance at conception.

If a woman doesn’t generate sufficient cervical mucus this makes it extremely challenging for sperm to make that journey towards the egg because this mucus is utilized by sperm to reach the womb, so if a patient does not generate sufficient quantities, it tends to make it challenging for sperm on their way to try to fertilize an egg.

The sperm is thoroughly washed once it is collected and the most viable sperm is collected in an instrument called a centrifuge. The sample is inserted into the woman’s body by way of a catheter. This sometimes causes cramping in the woman and a bit of spotting but this soon subsides and the woman goes about her daily routine, after lying flat on her back for about fifteen minutes.

The sperm is collected and washed in order to ensure that substances that would defeat the insemination are properly removed. Chemicals are introduced in order to find and separate what the doctors consider to be the best sperm. An instrument called a centrifuge is then used to collect the sperm. The sperm sample is introduced by a catheter. Cramps are sometimes felt and light bleeding might follow, this goes away very quickly. The woman is asked to lie on her back for fifteen minutes after which she can move on to her daily routine.

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