Bible Verses Anxiety And How To Achieve Sparrow Faith

Modern life gives people plenty to be anxious about; paying bills, fighting stress, managing relationships. On top of all that, there are more global threats – the diminishing ozone layer, disease, crime, war. Wouldn’t it be great if there were somewhere people could turn for comfort from all these worries. Well, there is. It’s called the Bible and it has been around for three and a half millennia. What follows here is a sample of the many Bible verses anxiety that may be found in both the Old and New Testaments.

One of the earliest calming verses in the Old Testament is found in Leviticus (26:6-10). Here, God promises he will make the country of peace, where people could sleep without fear or war. God assures His chosen people that he will make them prosper, grow in number and never want for sustenance.

One of the best known Bible verses about anxiety is the 23rd Psalm, written by King David, the young shepherd who slew the giant, Goliath, and a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ. In the psalm, David writes that in the presence of the Lord, who is always with him, there is nothing to fear. All He asks in return is for obedience to His commandments. In a later Psalm (94), David says that God calms him down and cheers him up whenever he feels anxious.

At least two other books of the Old Testament contain words of comfort and assurance. These are Proverbs (12:5), which reminds us that worry and anxiety slow us down while cheerful words raise us up. Later, in Ecclesiastes chapter 11, we are told to banish sorrow from our hearts. This was most likely written by King Solomon, the son of David.

The New Testament is also full of Bible verses anxiety. Chapter 5, verses 1-12, is one of the most widely cited passages in the scriptures. These are the beatitudes, where Jesus blesses the meek, the merciful and the mourners. They will inherit the earth, find mercy and comfort.

In the next chapter of Matthew (verses 25-26) is found the passage about sparrow faith. The carefree bird does not work for a living nor does it worry about its appearance, and yet all its physical needs are met. How much more valuable to the Lord is Man. Put God’s Kingdom first, and all other things will follow.

Whenever the Holy Trinity is referred to, meaning the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, it is easy to speculate that the Holy Ghost is merely the risen soul of Jesus after his resurrection and ascension into Heaven. This is incorrect. In John 14, verses 15-17 and verses 25-27, Jesus refers to the Holy Spirit as a friend who will be sent down from Heaven to guide and protect us.

This is just a small sampling of Bible verses anxiety from both the Old and New Testaments. All God really wants in return is for people to follow his commandments and be nice to each other. Is that so much to ask?

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