Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

A woman suffers from Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) when about 12 cysts develop in the ovaries, the ovaries produce more testosterone than is required and ovulation is often erratic and does not occur every month, some women may not menstruate at all because the follicles in the ovaries do not develop. Many women have polycystic o varian cysts about 1 in 4 have polycystic ovaries but the symptoms are mild and these women do not produce an excessive amount of male hormone, so it does not really hinder ovulation or menstruation and so these women live a normal life. However, 1 in 10 women have polycystic syndrome.

There are many factors that are believed to cause Polycystic Ovary Syndrome a few of them are insulin deficiency, heredity and obesity. Insulin is a hormone that you make in your pancreas (a gland behind your stomach). Insulin is used by the body to control blood sugar level but insulin also causes the ovaries to produce more testosterone. Women who have PCOS often develop a resistance to insulin. This resistance causes the body to produce more insulin and testosterone thereby interfering with the follicle development in the ovary. This hinders ovulation and menstruation. The compounded effect is the inability to conceive or problems conceiving. This excessive amount of testosterone produces an overgrowth of hair on the body, including facial hair. The increase in insulin may sometimes cause weight gain.

Carrying too much weight can cause PCOS to get much worse. Too much weight triggers more insulin production and this is what leads to the condition getting worse.

The symptoms of polycystic Ovarian Syndrome are as follows:

1. Irregular periods are a feature of this condition, some women menstruate and some do not menstruate at all. In fact up to seventy percent of those who suffer from endometriosis have problems with the regularity of their period.

2. Women with PCOS have a tendency not to ovulate, this makes conceiving impossible as ovulation is the major part of the process of conception.

3. Frequently facial, chest and abdomen hair are present.

4. Acne may be present well past puberty, thinning of the hair often resembles that of men who are going bald.

There are many changes that should be made to make it easier for a woman with endometriosis to cope this condition these include lifestyle and diet changes. Hormones may also be given through birth control pills that contain progesterone. Diabetes medication may also be given to slow insulin production. Fertility drugs such as clomid may also be utilized to curb this endometriosis.

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