Techniques On How To Get Pregnant With A Boy Baby

If you’re trying to find advice on how you can conceive a boy baby in a natural way, then listed here are several strategies on simply how you can get it done – concisely. It’s actually a complex issue but it’s provided below in simple terminology so that you can see the entire process without difficulty.

There are 3 secrets to getting pregnant with a boy: timing, position, and alkalinity.

The Right Time

Make love during the day of ovulation. Why? It is because the Y-sperm proceeds faster than the X-sperm. Ovulation is that phase when the egg cell is produced out of the ovary and waits for the semen to fertilize it. This usually happens approximately mid-cycle. In case the Y-sperm reaches the egg first, there’s a larger possibility of having a boy baby.

However it is trickier than it appears. The ovulation day is not that very easy to figure out. Several ways of identifying your ovulation day include the Basal Body Temperature method, urine ovulating test, and cervical mucosa technique.

In accordance with this kind of principle about how to get pregnant with boy, you need to avoid making love two to three nights before the predicted day of ovulation. You should aim to make love near the woman’s ovulation. It must not be performed over one day prior to the predicted ovulation. It is because the Y-sperm is believed to penetrate the egg first because it is faster than the female sperm.


Employ a deep posture during love making, especially during climax. Why? It is for the reason that the male sperm expire sooner than the X-sperm. Using a deep posture provides the Y-sperm a faster and a lot easier accessibility to an egg cell. And it must happen before they expire. Suggested postures are the “man on top” and the doggy posture.


Generally, alkalinity favors the male sperm and the lower PH levels favor the X-sperm. All semen would find it hard to endure in a very acidic environment. And since the Y-sperm die out faster, they will be the first to die out. Having a body with higher PH levels is more effective if you would like to have a boy.

How to help make your body have higher PH levels? There are 2 techniques. The first one is that the lady must climax before the man. Climaxing makes her less acidic. The second has something to do with the couple’s eating habits. They should eat more alkaline foods.

Planning For Getting Pregnant With A Baby Boy

Planning the gender of your baby requires a modification in the lifestyle of the husband and wife. Both should apply hard work to be a success. The approach must be a “laser-targeted” one. They have to be careful in determining her day of ovulation as it is very essential in getting pregnant with a boy. The woman must climax prior to the man. And they should eat much more of certain foods and avoid some others. Needless to say, they must do these just up until the male sperm has fertilized the egg!

In just one year of trying, you are likely to have already conceived a baby boy. You’ll be surprised once the sonography confirms it in the near future. It’s all worth the effort.

Gender planning may be unbelievable yet it is achievable. Lots of studies have proven it. In case you wish to conceive a girl instead, kindly go here

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