Amlodipine Medication and My Stupidity

When my lovely bride and I found ourselves in the part of our journey where we began rearing young, impressionable kids, our three were not allowed to utter the major “S” word. Nope, the big “S” word was not allowed in our home. Our little ones weren’t permitted to call one another or anybody else-“stupid.” Yeah, you may well think that there are many additional types of words that need to be disallowed in a household before that one, and there were, but “stupid” was definitely one that wasn’t allowed.

That’s one reason that I got to thinking about that particular word in terms of my own lifestyle and discipline habits a a week or so ago. At the ripe young age of 54, there happen to be a number of prescription medicines that I have to take as needed. However, the very most important one, the medication that I am truly required to take daily, is the one in which I am the most prone to overlook. The medication is called Amlodipine, which is prescribed for hypertension(high blood pressure).

Here’s the deal with me. My degree of high blood pressure is not extremely high, or in the typical “danger zone,” nevertheless, for the “Silent Killer’ that we know high blood pressure to be, it’s nothing short of “stupid” for me not to place a very high priority on taking that tiny pill to make sure that my BP levels continue to be at a level of safety. High blood pressure can easily cause so many terrible things, including stroke, heart attack, and more. We simply can’t ignore those facts.

So, why am I more apt to overlook the amlodipine than the other meds? Well, those high BP symptoms aren’t normally crying out for attention. I have an aggravating disc issue in my lower back for which I have medicine, and when it flares up, it certainly will let me know. But, this is not necessarily so with my high blood pressure. It’s a sneaky condition. With very many ailments, the symptoms are going to scream to you that it’s time for your meds. But no, my high blood pressure doesn’t pull on my coat tail and remind me.

So, duh … stupid me. How hard would it be to put a reminder on my iPhone or something like I would do for many other important responsibilities? That way I will likely not fail to remember that extremely important medication. It just ain’t that difficult! But, it’s super important.

So, okay, I still expect that my kids never call one another stupid. However, this is one occasion in which I think their daddy has certainly fallen into that category on occasion. High blood pressure is dangerous. Let’s follow our doctors instructions and do the deal. Let’s save our lives.

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