Faith Is Not Lost During Christian Anxiety

Whether you recall the first time you accepted God by repeating the sinner’s prayer or not, it was an experience you will never forget. This symbolic turning point towards God and away from sin amplifies God’s love and mercy for us. Being a Christian in today’s world does not exempt us from Christian anxiety as we go about our daily lives.

It may sound contrary to every bible verse you have ever read or many of the silent prayers you have offered up to God but there is a grain of logic that correlates to this way of thinking and it is a testament to the truth that many Christians face but are sometimes afraid to admit for fear that their belief in God will be called into question. The good news is that we want to take the time here and now to dispel the myth and present some sound truth to those who may be experiencing Christian anxiety in any aspect of their lives.

Let’s start with the fact that we are human. The connection of our soul to our bodies is representative of powers we cannot begin to understand with our finite human minds. Likewise, because we are people and very human, even though we have a connection to our faith and our believe in a higher power, it does not exempt us from certain emotions and experiences such as Christian anxiety that may seem counteractive or counterproductive to our beliefs.

Having tension, doubt and troublesome feelings are not a reflection of failing to believe that God exists. It is not a negative shadow over our prayer lives or an indicator that we are not reading the bible enough or spending enough time between the pews of the church we belong to. It is an example of the challenges that life sometimes presents and how we, as people must cope with Christian anxiety and other experiences.

This is applicable to every person, no matter what your religious affiliation may be. When life hands you such difficulties, be willing to accept it at face value and not let your relationship with God come into question simply because the problem arises.

If nothing more, we may be able to say that because there is belief in a higher power than ourselves that we hold a distinct advantage when dealing with Christian anxiety. It means, at the very least that we have hope beyond what our human minds and bodies can give us alone. We have the belief that whatever the test or trial may be, it is not too much for the Creator to handle.

Our jobs, our families, our friends and virtually any other aspect of our lives can be the source of anxiety, despair and stress. The good news is that in any instance we are behooved to remember that while we are not exempt, we can take heart in knowing that such troubles are not meant to last a lifetime nor is it intended to completely overwhelm us.

Remember to exercise faith even as little as the size of a mustard seed is positive in the eyes of God and can go a long ways to getting through Christian anxiety that arises.

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