All The Risks To Know About Antidepressant Medication

Are you or someone else that you know depressed and/or suffer from tension? Well you’re not alone, many people possess the same problem. Odds are you have seen your doctor or health care professional and they have suggested that you take medicine- a mind distorting substance that only treats the symptoms without addressing all the underlying inbalances that caused your problems in the first place and then there are the side effects that follow! This is in my opinion the problem with modern allopathic medicine and it is stemmed from the belief that gains are more important than helping people.

Lets go through the risks involved with taking anti depressant medicine and what you must know before taking them.

They’re quite addictive;

SSRI’s are one kind of antidepressant drugs that are very addictive and there is lots of side effects not only with taking them in the very first place but once you discontinue using them as well. This is important to understand before you commence them as you do not want to become addicted to prescription drugs.

They have nasty side effects;

Often you will find the side effects are much worse then the initial condition that you’re attempting to treat, here is only a few, flu like symptoms, decreased libido and difficulty in having an orgasm,nausea,insomnia, drowsiness and flu like symptoms, these are only a few. Them there are some very extreme responses; loss of coordination, agitation, hallucinations, fainting, headache,chest pain,severe dizziness,shallow respiration,muscle cramps, slurred speech, severe weakness, feeling unsteady, seizure (convulsions).

They are expensive;

Obviously if you’re addicted to them you should take them always so it is an ongoing expense. When a new drug is designed it has a patent placed on it so only the one company can produce that specific drug for several years so they have a monoploy on it.

Individuals can’t take them when lactating or pregnant;

You would not need your unborn child to be addicted to these nasty drugs and it may even be passed on through your milk when breast feeding.

Unfortunately most persons who take these drugs don’t realise that there are herbal and less costly ways of getting treatment for your anxiety with little to no negative effects. Mainstream physicians are prepared at medical schools that are financed by the pharmaceutical company’s. There is even rumours that doctors receive incentives for selling a specific company’s drug.

Some people can surpass their depression just by leading a healthier life style. Consistent exercise has been shown to discharge more natural endorphins (compounds that cause you to feel happy) to the brain enhancing your mood. A lack in B vitamins and omega 3 has also been shown to truly have a direct link to depression and stress so taking a top quality supplement or just simply adding more fruits and veges to your diet may be a far greater choice then a lifetime of drugs.

Mercury is a dangerous neuro toxin and carcinogen, it is found in tinned fish and this may be hard to believe some dentists use it in the fillings in your teeth. How do you know you have mercury poisoning? The symptoms include depression and chronic fatigue. In case you have mercury based fillings you need to visit your dentist to get them extracted and get an option in place. Then you will need to complete a mercury detox, your naturopath can help you with this. So it’s not just about including more healthy things in your lifestyle it’s also about excluding unhealthy things. Many food additives ie. Preservatives, artificial flavours etc, unbalance your brain chemicals and cause disharmony so it would surely be a safe bet to say they are not helping every ones moods.

Every ones body differs and will react to different things, some people are unfortunately born with a genetic predisposition to depression and related symptoms but that will not mean you should only give up and accept the drugs your physician has prescribed you. If you are suffering form depression or anxiety or both you need to do some research on the best way to beat it naturally or merely do some research on the specific drug you have been prescribed. There are several great books or even good blogs where you can find tips and take responsibility for your own wellbeing and take back your control over your life…

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