Best Omega 3 Supplement

What Makes For The Best Omega 3 Supplement?

What makes for the best Omega 3 supplement? You must have read tons of testimonials of how health beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids are, and would certainly like to benefit from them, too. But before you head out to buy omega 3 supplements, ask yourself first if you are qualified to take Omega 3 supplements, to begin with. Just because something claims to be good does not mean that it works for everybody. Like everything else, Omega 3 supplements come with contraindications, too.

Omega-3 supplements are especially recommended to individuals with heart problems or at risk for developing heart problems, such as those who have high blood pressure and high triglyceride and cholesterol levels. The brain also benefits from Omega 3. In fact Omega 3 fatty acids are considered as brain foods. They fuel the brain to keep it working and functioning properly. It’s been said that these essential fatty acids help boost memory, focus and concentration, and so they are incredibly helpful to school-aged children, and those approaching the twilight years.

Then again, you need to make sure at the same time that you do not have blood-clotting issues because these supplements have blood-thinning properties, and taking them in doses higher than what’s recommended increases the risk for excessive bleeding. If you are planning to take these supplements, the wisest thing to do first is to have your doctor give you the go signal.

Assuming it is safe for you to take Omega 3 supplements, you now need to explore your options. There are many of them out there, actually, that choosing the best Omega 3 supplement can be very confusing. Many end up with wrong choices, actually, because of the lack of knowledge of what to look for. When considering taking Omega-3 supplements, the following guidelines can help you make a wise choice:

* The best Omega-3 supplements have to be high in the two crucial types of essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA.

* When buying Omega-3 supplements, choose those that come from pure fish oils as fish oils are the best sources of DHA and EPA.

* Also see to it that the fish used in the supplement is sourced from the pristine waters of New Zealand. This helps to ensure that the fish source is not contaminated with mercury or other toxic metals.

* For Omega-3 supplements to be highly beneficial to your health, they have to be pharmaceutical grade, as well. This is the highest possible grade given to supplements. This means to say that the supplement is of the best quality and has gone through an extensive process of purification to get rid of the toxins and other contaminants but without reducing its nutritional value. Pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 supplements are not very likely to cause side effects such as diarrhea, heartburn, indigestion, itchiness and allergies, and the unpleasant fishy after-taste.

Don’t simply pick the first supplement you see on the rack. Always read the labels and refer to the guidelines if you want no less than the best omega 3 supplement.

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